Shoe Dazzle Review- Blue Wedge Plus an Invitation From Kimberlee!

January has settled in, and amid my burst of treasures I have recently acquired my third pair of electrifying footwear from Shoe Dazzle. The absolute most dreadful thing I can detect as I dissect their every feature is that they seem to have a bit of a squeak when I walk in them.  Although, to be perfectly honest, it’s not actually the shoe that is singing my theme song as I walk down the street. It’s simply that there is a comfortable smidge of breathing room between the shoe and my foot which creates just enough space for my foot to wiggle (not rub) when I step.  One Dr. Scholl’s insert later, and again I have fallen into eternal infatuation with my Shoe Dazzle purchase!

Click here for invitation from Kimberlee!

January’s experience left NOTHING to be desired.  Trendy, colorful, and thoroughly tempting my showroom was stocked with pumps galore.  It’s a captivating virtual shopping trip that’s been streamlined to a reasonably sized window of options that feel extremely personal.  I am beginning to find that I recognize which stylist is recommending which selections upon first glance in some cases, which adds an even stronger air of validity to the whole process.  Kim’s choices are typically bright, bold, and right up my alley.  Jamie has something of a super star trendy edge to her suggestions, and the feminine styles usually come from Anya or Merika.

As I did in December, I sent back round 1 requesting another group of choices.  Why?  Because I wanted to be SURE I had seen every option, it’s just what I do.  This month, the replenishment process was much more expedient than last, and I received the follow up email within hours of my request telling me that round two of selections were already on display in my showroom.  Each design was as seductively charming as the last.  Being that I am in the midst of preparing my wardrobe for the coming of 2011, I tried to keep my new color palette in mind as I deliberated over which hypnotizing pair would grace my toes.  In the end, I chose Ciji, a Navy Blue sky high wedge with a dark brown heel recommended for me by Miss Jamie Crowley.  They summon the sincere 70’s vibe I am beginning to sprinkle into my closet, and will pair perfectly with my new flare leg denim.  I hope.

Within days, my shipment arrives, and as I enthusiastically fling open the perfectly packaged pink box, I am astounded at how Shoe Dazzle has again managed to knock my socks off.  Another high caliber sensational shoe that is worth at least twice the price that I paid.  Ciji feels solid when I remove her from the box, and when I slip my foot inside she feels extremely supportive of my body weight.  I feel perfectly at ease and comfortable walking in them, no heel slipping or balancing acts involved.  Oh, and have I mention that they look amazing?  The style is a serious head turner with its slightly scalloped edge and dainty thin lady like wedge heel.

Yet again, I find myself….dazzled.


  1. i realy am looking for a spechel one

  2. I am ready to go get one!

  3. These shoes are absolutely geogorus!!!Do you watch gossip girl? I believe these would suit Blair Waldorf- they are her style =PThese shoes are geogorus because of the colour used and because of the way they are styled. The toile of the shoe is one the right shaped into roses. The straps are beautiful and the shiny material just makes it.The heel hight is perfect for these shoes as it’s not too high but it’s not low.I love it!

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