Shimmer Kimmer’s Pick of the Week: These boots were made for walkin’!

Living in the Midwest, this time of year means that summer will soon be transitioning from sunshine and blue skies, to an entirely new and inspirational color palette lending an air of warmth to everything we love with the arrival of autumn.  The slightly brisk evenings, the rustle of leaves as they drift to the ground blanketing the grass with yellows and reds, and the eagerly anticipated reappearance of stylishly broken in boots drenched in rich rustic earth tones paired with…absolutely everything.  The mere thought of resurrecting these classically cool favorites from the depths of my closet for the coming season makes me ready to pack in my sundresses and bid summer adieu.  Ok, maybe not yet, but it sincerely lessens the brunt of the dreadfully painful idea of (gulp) snow in the forecast.

The transition to autumn is typically all about great neutral tones, and deep sultry hues.  My favorites for 2010 come in buttery cognac browns and sleek grays, or deliciously deep burnt yellows and oranges.  Winter will surely bring back everyone’s favorite go-to blacks with all the fury of a hurricane, but for fall let’s take cues from Mother Nature and revel in the colors of the season.

Set out to add the perfect new treasures to my display of trophies from shopping trips gone by, I am scouring the scene in search of the first pair of boots I will purchase for my fall 2010 collection.  My methodical approach is to start by purchasing two pair of boots in different neutral shades, which are both equally comfortable and versatile enough to be used daily.  Once I have the basics worked into the rotation, I can later begin to seek out the stilettos and sky high platforms I love so much.

Happening upon the Cognac Strap Knee High Boots from a magnificent little boutique by the name of Ruche, at only $44.99 I think I have found a keeper.  They meet every requirement on my list:

  • Richly rustic neutral cognac tone
  • “Faux” distressed leather that looks FAR from “cheap”
  • Mid-ish height heel that is extremely comfortable
  • A wide enough shaft to tuck in a skinny jean or pant and not cut off circulation to my toes
  • A subtle buckle detail that adds a teeny bit of pop to a basic boot

They look fantastic with everything from my American Rag dark denim jeggings, to my ultra hot Victoria’s Secret sequin mini dress.  Another first place trophy for my display case, what more could a girl ask for?

****Sugar Tip: Because Ruche does tend to sell out quickly of hot items due to high demand, their website has a great feature that will allow you to see when fabulous pieces come back into stock.  Brilliant!****

Because the race to the finish line for first choice was practically a photo finish, I have taken the liberty of putting together a list of honorable mentions, some of which will likely work their way into my collection at a later point this season.

Restricted “Marine” in Olive

Studded Slouch Boot

Colin Stuart Vintage Mid-heel Boot

Blowfish Hadiyah

Naughty Monkey Detective

Steve Madden Criskros


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