Shed Pounds With These Easy Tips!

Everyone is getting ready for swimsuit season and have asked for some specific tips to help them shed winter weight. Here are some tips that can easily be incorporated into your everyday routine. Adjust these tips to your needs as you see fit. Should you have specific questions or need meal ideas, please email me at Obviously, if you have health concerns always consult your doctor prior to changing your diet.

Do not watch Food Network at night: This is torture when you are trying to shed pounds. Eating late will dramatically reduce your success and go straight to your thighs!!

Commit to 30-40 minutes of activity a day: This can be a 15 minute walk in the morning and evening or all at once. Increasing your activity will shed pounds quickly and tone you up! Choose a time that you can stick to without compromise.

Reduce your alcohol intake: Cut out beer and mix drinks. Substitute one glass of red wine with dinner. It is important that it is red wine not white. White is higher in calories.

Stop drinking soda: According to Coke’s website, a can of coke is 140 calories. That adds up fast! This includes diet soda as well. Diet sodas are loaded with chemicals that can cause headaches and make you bloated.

Limit juice: an average 8 oz. cup of juice is approximately 122-125 calories. If you were to have two or three glasses of juice in a day, that is about 370 empty calories and which is equivalent to a full meal.

Eat more veggies: Swap a hearty salad for a heavy bread sandwich, make 2-3 dinners a week without meat as the main course. I will post recipe ideas later this week.

Eliminate white flour and white sugar: Both of these can be a real danger especially with diabetes on the rise. These are in everything so read the labels and substitute. See below for details.

  • Eliminate Refined Sugar: Substitute honey, agave nectar, or 100% pure maple syrup. White sugar depletes your body of B vitamins, disrupts calcium metabolism and has a harmful effect on the nervous system.
  • Limit or eliminate white flour: When buying bread, look for whole grains that are not enriched. The whole grains are naturally high in fiber and nutrients. While flour is being processed, vital nutrients are lost from the whole grain. The nutrients have to be added back into the flour to meet FDA standards thus, enriched. You can look for whole wheat, rye, oat, or bulgar (cracked wheat). When baking, substitute half white wheat flour for white flour. Remember that this will make your recipe a little denser.

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