Sensible Shoes are for Little Old Ladies…Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week!

Sensible shoes are for old ladies…

Unless of course your day to day routine involves standing on your feet for up to 9 hours at a time all the while looking incredibly thrilled to be doing it and feeling massive creative energy and inspiration from beginning to end.

I don’t own sensible shoes.  Girls like me don’t care about comfort.  Or, I DIDN’T before I met Born.

Bringing forward my spring wardrobe and shoe collection as temperatures in the Midwest begin to rise, it hit me.  If I am going to survive spring/summer this year, I am probably going to need to be able to stand for more than a walk from the curb to the cab or I am in big trouble.  I’ve got some pretty incredible shoes in my collection, enviable really, but beyond a pair of studded Matiko loafers I purchased a month or so back none of what I currently own is going to support my tired tootsies for endless days on my feet with a smile on my face.  Sorry my beauties, but it’s time for this girl to hit the stores.

In search of SOMETHING that was not going to be incredibly painful, I must have tried well over a dozen pair of shoes.  Strappy little mini wedges, studded platforms, you name it I tried it.  Each were “ok” in their own way, but it wasn’t until I slid my foot into a pair of sandals by Born that I think I seriously melted.  The footbed is padded beyond all reason, the leather is softer than butter, the soles are light weight causing minimal “clomping”, and the overall construction is so sensible that they MUST be for a little old lady, right?  I mean little old ladies want 4 ½” stacked heel sandals too…they must.

The Maura by Born is going down in history as my first ever sensible shoe purchase.  Little old lady?  If the shoe fits!




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  1. I agree that Born shoes are very comfortable. I myself bought a pair of flats from them and definitely fell in love with the brand/

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