Say Hello To My Little Friends: Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week

VIP access to Cartier is not a requirement when creating an accessory wardrobe. Kim introduces you to her latest obsessions and gives you tips to create your own perfectly paired collection.

As is true of all eternally memorable personalities in history, a perfect look achieves true greatness only when complemented by a stellar entourage. I would like to take a moment, and introduce you to several new members of mine.


Commanding attention with her show-stopping charisma, she draws a sultry air to the seemingly ordinary.  Semi-sheer with a dusting of snow leopard, these jet black tights bring more “oh my” to the scene than a potent whiff of a pheromone.  At $12, Rachel is simply irresistible.  Snow Leopard Tights


The elegance and sophistication of her Old Hollywood glamour brings color and femininity to every look she graces.  Her hues of twinkling electric jade, larger than life presence (approximately 3” diameter) and uniquely brilliant magnetic clasp make her an easy choice for a go-to statement piece.  Her understated price-tag at $18.99 makes her a MUST “know.”  Victorian Chic Bejeweled Green Cuff ***Unfortunately, this piece went fast and is SOLD OUT. They can email you when it comes back in stock.


Bubbling with exuberant personality, her adorable nature seems to sing out with whimsy.  From Heather’s color drenched feather, to the eye-catching sparkle of her brilliant green rhinestones set atop a dark brass peacock, she is effortlessly unique.  And despite her $16.99 price-tag, she proves to be quite pricelessPeacock Pride Necklace


Her luster is that of a Princess, her grace like a blossom frozen in time.  Delicate, lustrous, and polished her golden tone adds radiant sparkle to any look.  Her unique golden bead strung elastic band allows her to glide easily on to any hand, and her noticeable presence (1.5” diameter) commands attention to her swirling petals.  Beautiful, striking, and only $18.00.  Isis Ring

Tips when choosing accessories to adorn your wardrobe treasures…

  • Seek out pieces that offer intrigue, uniqueness, and sparkle.
  • When selecting faux metals that will touch the skin, reach for “vintage” or “antiqued” as they will not appear to fade nearly as quickly.
  • Save the shiny “bling” for buckles, ring centerpieces, and brooches where they will retain a much longer shelf life.
  • When choosing a brazen pattern in accessories such as tights or scarves, opt for a neutral color to keep it classy.

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  1. sweet accessories. I love the ISIS ring because there are no stones to go missing. it is lovely.

  2. I could not agree more! I think my favorite bit of charm is that the band is stretchy…no sizing required. They do carry this one in stores if you have a Francesca’s near you to check it out up close and in person.


  3. Love those tights! I’m also obsessed with fleece lined tights right now…perfect for fall and winter!


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