Saved, by a Complete Look on a Hanger…Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week

What the hell am I going to wear today? I can’t find my grey cardigan, my only clean pair of jeans are bright red skinnies (tomorrow is laundry day), and I am way too rushed to put my head around any great color combinations in a reasonable amount of time and still make it to work with a coffee in hand. Fan freaking tastic.

Oh wait…what’s that sweet little thing peeking out from behind my sweater collection?

There it is, a complete look on a hanger. Saved. My new striped jersey Plenty dress by Tracy Reese is like a beacon of light beaming out through a sea of sweaters, I am rescued from a crazed panic and suddenly I feel kind of fantastic. Rich in brilliantly bold color using my favorite neutral for spring, navy, the design of this dress is so incredibly feminine I feel like a starlet. Something of a vintage inspired piece I love everything about this dress.

I love the cinched waist with drawstring, it allows me to decide just how cinched my waist should be. I love the length of the skirt striking just below the knee, I love the open design of the back, and this dress is just so incredible. Perfect with black tights for now, and bare legs with a great wedge for later.

Now if I can just find my car keys, I’m all set…





Lip Service (a sweet kiss of savings, to you from Sugar Lips!)

The Bobeau Stripe Dress at Nordstrom’s

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