San Diego Getaway: A Flavor of Del Mar

20110827-010250.jpgSan Diego is the city that started it all. In 2004, a friend called and said “I have a position that you are totally overqualified for and will be completely underpaid. Do you want it?” Yes. The answer was yes!

And so it began. I drove 2,046 miles in three days to arrive in the sunny arms of southern Cal. It has been years since I have been back to visit and the nostalgia was thick as I drove down PCH towards Torrey Pines.

Last night we had the pleasure of dining at Flavor in Del Mar. Friend and Executive Chef, Jason Maitland, reserved the Owners Box for two which we later learned is the finest seat in the house. We had a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean at dusk and were greeted with a glass of Prosecco to cleanse our palates and begin the tasting.

We had fifteen dishes that encompassed the style and creativity of this Boston born Chef. We caught ourselves raving about the flavor profiles and clever combinations throughout the four hour culinary experience. I will admit, I was this first to knock the “originality” of the name until I experienced the flavors myself. Now who’s the dummy?

Using seasonal, sustainable and local ingredients including that of San Diego’s historical Chino Farms, the palate is tempted and the anticipation of the next delight is unforgettable.

The atmosphere is warm yet modern offering a touch of LA excitement in the sleepy city of Del Mar. Although this is the last week of the Del Mar races and business reflects the popularity of the sport and welcomes the crowds in droves.

Our service was on point offering amazing wine pairings with every other course. He was extremely knowledgeable of the dishes, the preparation practices and the wine list. It was clear that his palate was advanced and we trusted his judgment as he guided us through the culinary tour.

We finished the meal with two incredible desserts. The first was a banana fritter with a pistachio ice cream that was flavored so incredibly perfect that it was a small bite of heaven in itself. The second was Chef Jason’s favorite selection in which they created a play on a popular candy combination of dark chocolate, creamy homemade caramel and crushed peanuts. It was a show stopper.

We ended the evening with a tour of the creative space in which they transform the ordinary into extraordinary and had the opportunity to rap with the professionals that make these dishes come to life. It was by far the only way to revisit the city that I once called home and will stay with me until I return.

P: 858-755-3663
1555 Camino Del Mar, 3rd floor
Del Mar, CA

***A special thanks to the amazing and talented team at Flavor. To Jason, Ken, Neil, and Lynn, it was an absolute pleasure to experience what you all have worked so hard to create. I am proud of you all and can’t wait to come back. Xo J

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