Safe Sun Practices: Tips to Keep Your Skin Protected and Reduce Signs of Aging

Some of you may remember the days of baby oil and a beach blanket. If you are a child of the 60′s, you may even remember using tinfoil to reflect the sun’s rays onto the face. Yikes! Little did we know that exposure such as that would cause deep skin issues and skin cancer.

Two years ago, I started to see dark spots around my eyes. I had asked my Esthetician what to do about it and she recommended laser treatments and expensive creams neither of which I could afford so I turned to something I could afford and gave it a go. Many of you have read my posts regarding treating my age spots and the Clinique Clinical Even Better Skin Corrector trial back in July. I saw some reduction in color but I can still see the damage that I have caused on my skin. You can see the photos below.

We are going to Hawaii for a little getaway and I am looking for a great sunscreen to protect my age spots and skin. I took new photos today of my skin to see if there is any difference between now and when I return. Personally, I think that these spots are a direct result of my sunglasses… the lenses intensify the light. Time to consider a new pair. Here are some fun in the sun tips to keep yourself and your body safe while vacationing.

Tips To Protect Your Skin in the Sun

  • Apply sunscreen to your entire body of at least 15 SPF
  • If you are staying out in the sun for a prolonged amount of time, really every two hours especially if you are in the water
  • Apply a higher SPF to your face, neck and decollete
  • Wear a hat to protect the top of your head and to shade your face
  • Wear sunglasses that protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes
  • Wear SPF on your lips

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