Reinvent The Classic Cocktail Party

I feel that our generation has completely revised the cocktail party and not in our favor. What ever happen to the days of being prompt, having a cocktail hour followed by dinner, then the after-dinner cocktails? It’s time to reinvent the cocktail party.

Be prompt: Whether you are the host or the guest, if the invite says 6pm, be there at 6 pm.

Dress in cocktail attire: The better you look, the better you feel and the more fun that you have.
Cocktail Hour: Cocktail hour is designed to sharpen the palate and heighten your senses. Serve a classic dry martini, a manhattan or a negroni. A dry champagne or a fortified wine such as Lillet or Maderia are great as well.

After-Dinner Drinks: After you have served an amazing dinner, serve your guests a digestif with their dessert. Port or a Tawney, Sambuca, Grappa and my favorite, an Old Fashioned are great choices.

Safety First: Make sure all of your guests have a designated driver or have made arrangements to stay somewhere for the night.

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