Recessionistas Rejoice: The Reinvention of an Old Piece

Let’s face it, we may be on the “expansion” side of the economic curve, but we are still at the bottom looking up.  Buying a whole new outfit may not be in the budget…yet. Here are some tips to refresh your current pieces.

  • Add something new to your jewelry collection. Mix in a new trendy piece with classics. Layer two or three necklaces of different sizes and weights to create a more dramatic look.
  • Clutch swap! Switch out your LV for her MK. It will give your outfit a whole new look.
  • New shoes…we all feel fabulous in a new pair.
  • Cinch at the waist to create an hour glass figure. Layer your look and accessorize with a belt.
  • Call your stylist and get a blowout or get an up-do.
  • Have your make-up professionally done. For extra sugar, add some lashes to take your look to the next level.

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