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Shopping online is so convenient and may offer deeper discounts but are you costing yourself more money in the long run? Mira Torres-Montalvo of StyleSays gives you tips on how to shop like a pro!

From my perspective, it’s funny to think that there are people out there that still haven’t tried the world of online shopping. After all, once you’re in the habit, shopping online pretty much becomes an addiction. Scoring the best deal, seeking out slideshows of amazing finds, and instant outfit inspiration are always at your fingertips. It’s not hard to see why you’ll hear the most shopping savvy people say “oh, I always by mine online.” But, before you go thinking that you’ve got it all figured out, or dismiss the idea of online shopping altogether, here are a few quick tips to up your shopping game and to also make sure you’re doing it absolutely right.

1. ​Beware of returns!
Less than 1/5 of online stores offer free returns. Can you imagine getting fined $5-15 for buying something from a local
store and then returning it? Stores even deduct the cost of prepaid
shipping labels from your refund, so don’t be fooled. FYI: StyleSays has a feature that makes it easy to find out which stores won’t rob you when buying and returning an item and a feature that will help you and a friend combine your items for free shipping!

2. ​Try a smaller merchant!
Don’t be afraid to try a new site!
Small stores, especially Etsy & eBay merchants, are often
spectacularly good about answering questions. You can ask them to
hold items, to measure dimensions, or even for more pics. It never hurts to ask.

3. ​Shop around, but not too much!
When you see the piece you want at the price you want, buy it! It
seems obvious but comparison shopping can be confusing and 10
options be a nit overwhelming. If it is an item you only want to purchase on-sale, find a way to save it so you can come back to it later. One of the benefits of having a StyleSays account is that any product you put on your list, StyleSays will automatically notify you when it goes on sale. Score? Heck yes!

4. ​Don’t shop after 2 AM and don’t drink and shop!
You’re going to be delirious or drunk! There is no way your credit card will win here and most likely you’re gonna regret it in the morning! Get back to bed, you silly goose.

5. ​Friends don’t let friends shop alone!
I know online shopping seems like an inherently solitary activity (cue
image of blank-eyed girl scrolling page by deadening page) but it
doesn’t have to be! Friends offer a good reality check when you’re going crazy and they
often know your style better than you! Skip the traditional links of facebook message mayhem or the e-mail waiting game. Try www.stylesays.com. It’s the best way to shop online with your friends alongside reaping the benefits of modern technology. Complete with your favorite stores, personally picked out pieces, and a million other undiscovered products that are bound to catch your eye.

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  1. Definitely highlight #4 lol


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