Project Green Challenge 2012 Kick Off With Teens Turning Green

Today is the kickoff for Teens Turning Green second annual Project Green Challenge! Last year, I featured “green week” on Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips provideding you with a number of ways to transition your life through beauty, health, fashion, food and more and have included the links for you below. I can proudly say that through this initiative, I have successfully changed many of my previous habits and became far more aware of toxins in our everyday lives. I continued these practices throughout the year and am so proud to say that I have not only met, but exceeded many of my green goals and I hope that you have too. Not only is it reducing the number of toxins that I am exposed to, it is also reducing my carbon footprint.

Transitioning your lifestyle may sound overwhelming at first. Trust me, I understand because it can be. We are continually bombarded with new statistics and information everyday making it difficult to know what is a priority and what isn’t. Just remember to take it one step at a time. This project didn’t just take a week or even a month to implement, it took a solid year. Change takes time. If you can commit to one thing at a time, you will see a huge difference within a year. What will you have accomplished by this time next year?

SUGAR TIP***Start out with ONE commitment and see where it leads you. For extra sugar, make an annual goal list of items you would like to accomplish by the end of the year and post it where you can revisit it quarterly.

No, this project is not just for teens. I am well into my 30′s and using the TTG guidelines, resources and their Green Guide to help me transition. Please see below for a list of my accomplishments over the past year. I can’t even express how surprised that I did all of this in that short of time. I have them listed from general goal to specific. It was easier for me to begin with a high-level goal then fine tune it over¬† time. I will be posting some fun content throughout the month so stay tuned. In the meantime, I invite you and your family to take the challenge beginning today. Go to the Teens Turning Green Website to sign up or find out more.

2011 Goals Conventional to Conscious

#1) Buy Locally

  • Shop at the farmers market more often
  • Support local designers, small businesses and boutiques

#2) Eat Better For My Health and the Environment

  • Transition to all organic diet one product at a time
  • Purchase only grass fed beef, free-range organic eggs and chicken from local, reputable brands
  • Eliminate modified ingredients from my diet
  • Eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables
  • Practice Meatless Monday

#3) Be Eco-Chic:

  • Become more aware of the chemicals in clothing
  • Be aware of how and where fashion is manufactured and by whom
  • Stop buying clothes made in sweatshops and under poor working conditions

#4) Be Naturally Beautiful

  • Be more aware of toxic ingredients in beauty and body care products
  • Eliminate nail polishes with formaldehyde, DBP and/or Toluene
  • Transition make-up, skin care and body care to natural, toxic-free product lines.

 #5) Green Clean

  • Use non-petroleum based hand soaps, dish soaps and laundry detergents
  • Reduce the number of toxic cleaning products that I use

This year, I will attempt to tackle the elimination of GMO’s from my life.

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