Product Review: Best Razor for Closest Shave and Softest Legs!

Soft, smooth, sexy legs make me feel absolutely beautiful and perfectly feminine. I  have been conducting another product test on different razors since I posted tips on preventing razor burn in June. Since then, I have tried numerous brands of razors and have come up with a winner and a second best as well as a few losers. The winner kept my skin smooth, soft and did not cause razor burn of which I am prone to. Not surprisingly, a man razor is the winner.

Winner: Gillette Mach 3 Turbo: Love it. Smooth, close, soft, and lasts 18-24 hours.

Runner Up: Gillette Mach 3 Disposables (the three blade with a blue handle). These give a close shave and do not cause razor burn but aren’t as soft on the skin as the above.

The Above Average List

  • Bic Soleil disposables any color will do.

The “In a Pinch” List

  • Gillette Venus regular and disposables: I never feel like a get a really close shave with these. However, they don’t cause razor burn but I feel like I need to shave again within 10 hours. That sucks.
  • Noxema Razors: I think that these have a small strip of Noxema on them.  The razor did cause a little irritation and razor burn but did have a close shave.

The “I’d Rather Go Caveman Than Rip My Legs Up” List

  • Target’s brand razors that are made to look like the Soleil razors above but they are not even close. They hurt to use and they definitely made my legs look like a small razor burn war zone. HATED IT.
  • The Bic Classic Razor: OUCH. No thank you. I like my skin too much.


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