Personal Power Moves: Creating an Enterprise…YOU!

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, please bring me a Kimora Barbie…I need a mogul.

Some think that she’s too intense, others call her a bitch, I say she’s a genius. Regardless of your opinion of Kimora Lee Simmons, she is a mogul, a powerhouse, a role model and a huge success. She has created a personal brand that is the foundation of her enterprise. No matter what you do for work, your “real” job is to create a personal brand for yourself. Jobs come and go, careers can come to a screeching halt. How are you going to bounce back?


Start creating your personal brand today by applying the following:

  • Networking: It’s all about who you know. It’s creating and nurturing relationships that may someday benefit you. Join organizations to meet other professionals or individuals with like interests.
  • Social Networking: What is it? It is the most important skill that you can ever learn. This is the future of all communication and if you aren’t familiar with it, start learning. And if you think otherwise, consider this: I once said that I would never have a cell phone….Now our lives depend on them. Social networking is a single or series of web-based profiles of yourself that display your networks or circle of friends and acquaintances. This is key to developing your personal brand and it is a reflection of you as an individual. Check out Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In to get started.  Just remember to keep personal and professional separate.
  • Volunteer: Give back to your community by helping others grow. In addition to making you more marketable, it is a great way to connect with the people who make the decisions that affect you first hand.
  • Get in The Know: Read local publications to find out the who’s who of the what what. Be informed and aware of local business deals, political debates, community progress etc. Research and read books or articles that pertain to personal growth. Knowledge is key.
  • Create a Business Plan: this may sound aggressive but the truth is only the strong will survive. This is applicable to any position that you may currently hold. The point is to create direction and focus for yourself. What are your goals and how are you going to achieve them?

Start building your enterprise today; one step at a time. Consider it your personal benefit plan. -Cyn

Please err on the side of caution when creating online profiles. Protect yourself and your identity by choosing the correct security settings.

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