Overcoming Holiday Stress

The holidays are quickly approaching and many of us are hosting family and friends. As the to-do list keep getting longer, our stress levels begin to rise in anticipation of making a memorable day. We tend to place undue stress on ourselves trying to become the next Martha Stewart. Well I have a little news for you, my friend, she has an entire corporate team that makes her holidays merry. I want you to remember that you are one person not an army.

Overcoming holiday stress is easy with a few reminders. Keep these stress reducing tips in mind this season to make your holiday warm and bright.


    Deep breathing calms you while allowing you to take in more oxygen and clear your head.

Plan ahead.

    The more you do before your guests arrive, the less pressure you will feel when they arrive.

Make a list.

    Jot down a lost of things that you would like to accomplish before your guests arrive in order of importance. Follow that list to ensure that you don’t feel disappointed if you don’t get to a few things.

Stop and smell the roses.

    Don’t get so caught up in your time line that you fail to participate. Make time to sit down an relax with your company. Cherish those moments for wholesome conversation.

Allow guests to get involved.

    Let them help you. You need it and so do they.

Drink plenty of water.

    Dehydration leads to headaches, fatigue and bad breath. Make a point to stay hydrated by drinking a little more in the days leading up to your event. For every cup of coffee or glass of wine, balance it with a cup of water.

Have activities available if they are needed.

    The number one fear for many hosts is that one family member that is somewhat of a loose cannon. At any moment, they can rile up the entire family and ruin the holiday. Be strategic, have a plan in place to have a constant flow of options for your guests to participate in and non-controversial conversation starters. And as always, keep in mind that crazy is as crazy does and you can’t control it, you can only hope that you can avoid it. Chances are you can’t so don’t take it personal if you don’t.

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