Ouch! Razor Burn: Tips on Prevention and Techniques

After 20 years of shaving, I am finally learning how. Recently I have been really conscious of the back of my ankles and calves. They are really sensitive to shaving and are always irritated with small red marks around where the hair grows in. My technique and preparation have not been successful and it was causing me to loose confidence with summer around the corner. I came across a tip from InStyle Magazine’s Beauty Director, Amy Synnot-D’Annibale who says that using conditioner instead of shaving cream is less drying to the skin. (1) It made me rethink razor burn; you CAN prevent it!

What Is Razor Burn Anyway?

We all know what it looks like but how is it defined? According to the Wise Geek, “Razor burn is a skin condition caused by shaving too closely, incorrectly, or sometimes merely by shaving in sensitive areas, especially when people have easily irritated skin. It can look like a small red rash, feature bumps, or even cause infected pimples or blisters. Razor burn can itch severely, making the skin very uncomfortable for several days. More mild cases can result in a couple of hours of discomfort and reddish skin”. (2)

How Do I Prevent Getting Razor Burn?

Every time we shave we are not only cutting the hair but removing skin and moisture. By properly preparing your skin for the shave, you can reduce the irritation to the skin. According to the How To Get Rid Of Stuff Website, it’s all about preparation and technique.

  • They say to prepare the skin by exfoliating first with a clean loofa or a chemical exfoliant with salicylic acid to remove any dirt, oil and dead skin cells.
  • Add conditioner or lotion to the legs or underarms and allow to sit for a few minutes to soften hair. Note***If you leave it on more than a few minutes it will make the skin puff up preventing you from getting a close shave.
  • They also recommended using old-fashioned shaving soap with a badger brush instead of shaving gel or cream. The brush helps lift the hair and the soap provides better lubrication. (3)

Technique Tips

  • Use warm water to soften the hair
  • Use a sharp blade and don’t reuse the razor more than a few times for optimum results
  • Make sure that the blade is clean
  • Try not to re-shave the same area. If you do, reapply your conditioner, shave gel or soap beforehand.
  • Do not stretch skin

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(2) The Wise Geek Website: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-razor-burn.htm
(3) The How To Get Rid Of Stuff Website: http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/health/how-to-get-rid-of-razor-burn/


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