One-on-One Styling: Fresh Fall Wardrobe

20120915 120818 One on One Styling: Fresh Fall WardrobeMy neighbor asked me to help her shop for new work clothes. Ummm? Yes, please! Normally, I am not one to run out and shop, as it is somewhat annoying especially on a busy Saturday, but this request is different. My friend is simply gorgeous and has an amazing body. Think Eva Longoria meets Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Vivacious curves with beautiful, long, dark hair and a touch of olive in her skin. She’s glamorous with a touch of rock-n-roll. Naturally, I immediately began creating a personalized style board just for her.

***Sugar Tip: Creating a style board before shopping is helpful for two reasons. First, it helps me share my vision and further define her style preferences. Secondly, shopping with intention helps keep everyone focused and provides a clear vision and purpose.


She has a great waistline and beautiful curves so today’s mission is to play that up by choosing pieces that accentuate her waistline and show off her curves. We also want to choose a few trendy pieces to compliment her wardrobe basics and do something unexpected to keep things fresh. I have outlined what we will be looking for today and why these pieces work for her body type.



  • Handbags – Every woman needs one great leather handbag. I chose two options, both of which are great commuter bags for her AM trip into the city.
  • Jewelry – I chose bolder neck pieces to tighten up the look and to draw the eye up.
  • Belts – The belts I chose are narrow in width to help extend the torso and accentuate her fabulous waistline.
  • Shoes – One beautiful fashion boot, one brightly colored flat and a trendy pump are just what this season ordered!

20120915 121802 One on One Styling: Fresh Fall Wardrobe


  • Key Pieces – Bright chunky cable knit sweaters, long boyfriend cardigans for layering, knee-length pencil skirts and tailored dresses with a fitted waistline.
  • Necklines – Since she is in a professional environment, we want to be conscious of not showing too much cleavage so we will be looking for crewnecks, modest scoops and some collars.

 20120915 121840 One on One Styling: Fresh Fall Wardrobe

Fall Trends

  • Pointy Toed Shoes with skin embossing are hot right now. I chose a shoe with cobalt blue with an emerald snakeskin toe for maximum impact. It also plays into the color blocking trend.
  • Color Blocking is still one of my favorite looks. I especially like the look in the lower right hand side of the style board below. The beautiful purple shade sweater with a bold teal high-waisted skirt.
  • Peplum skirts and shirts are a great way to accentuate the waistline and create shape in the hips.
  • Fall Colors – Accent your fall neutrals with bold jewel tones such as burgundy, emerald and cobalt.


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