No More Superheros: A Perspective From a 3 Year Old

I have always assumed that children liked superheros and idolized their powers, however; this morning I got a lesson from a 3 year old that I will never forget. I was standing in line waiting for a coffee and a buzz began about a superhero. In my half awake state, I smiled at the little boy amidst the crowd assuming he was enjoying this elementary conversation when he had made the comment “No more superheros”. Confused, I inquired further and he told me this:

  • They don’t look like us
  • They have special powers that we don’t
  • I can be a hero without having a power

Well said young man. Maybe I read into this far deeper than I should have but it inspired me to think further.  What message are we really sending to our kids about being a hero? What makes a person a hero? Do they need to wear some bright colored spandex and shoot lightning from their finger tips? Clearly not. Rather impressed by his response, I left with a coffee in hand wanting to become my own hero in my own way immediately. I can be a hero by practicing patience, exercising kindness, or lifting a spirit. I hope he inspires you to become your own hero too. Have a great day!

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