New Years Resolutions

As I sit on the Bart headed home from SFO at 11:29pm PST, the thought of ringing in the New Year with friends is a distant reality. Instead, I am surrounded by others in the same predicament and less than entertaining; though the night is still young.

I was hoping to make a list of my resolutions and share them with the intention of keeping me on track for 2012 but the truth is, I had a hard time coming up with a list. I wanted this list to be different, less unrealistic and disappointing and more fun. After a rather long flight, I came up with a few goals or wishes for myself in 2012.

1) Whatever I do, I want to do it for myself.
2) Follow my heart
3) Work to learn
4) Don’t worry about the money and focus on the opportunity costs
5) Make my visions a reality
6) Establish my space
7) Accept the fact that it is ok to buy nice things
8) Buy the piece of art that I have been dreaming about
9) Be more patient
10) Call home more often
11) Realize that I am the only one that can change
12) Embrace everything I am and appreciate all that I’m not

Profound? No, just simple enough. As my friend Laura always used to say, “It’s never that easy, but it is that simple.” I hope that you all make simple, beautiful resolutions that make you smile at the thought of them.

Happy New Year my beautiful readers!

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