New Age Spot Photos: Week 3 of 12 is Complete!

I have completed my third week of the 12 week trial with Clinique’s even better clinical and the results are in. I can see a difference in the darkness in the patches near my eyes and am wearing less make-up as a result. I have also had a few friends comment on them as well. In a good way of course! I don’t feel that the spots directly below my eyes have lightened as much and was really upset when I saw them in a recent photo through my make-up!

Now, there are a few disclaimers that I need to share because this will affect the outcome. First, the lighting in the photos is slightly different due to the time of day that these photos were taken. I tried to get the angle to match but that’s tough when you are taking photos of yourself on your iPhone. I also haven’t been doing a great job of being consistent with my sunscreen applications. In addition, I had a long pool day in the sun right before theses photos were taken. There is an upside to these disclaimers and that is they are realistic. The results would be far greater if I stayed out of the sun and wore sunscreen all of the time but the reality of it is that I haven’t and love going to the pool. Judge accordingly.

I have the photos side-by-side so that you can see the actual results, if any,  better. You be the judge. I would love to hear from you!

Pre-Treatment Photos on Left

Three Weeks After Using Clinique’s even better clinical on the right


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  2. i am wondering if you finished this 12 week trial? I can’t seem to search this site very easily. I have exactly the same skin spots as you and would like to know if you continued with this or got any results?

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