My New Obsession: Chic Prints by OPI for Sephora

Last night I had the pleasure of having my hair done by Christina Keenan of 1688 A Hair Studio and she introduced me to my new favorite thing. Recently engaged, she had more attention than normal on her hands and nails so she added a little sparkle of her own. Her nails were shiny silver and had nearly the sparkle of her beautiful new diamond. Every time fer fingers moved to trim my locks, they recaptured my attention.

Of course I said “MINX, you got MINX!” Christina replying in her cool, ever so savvy style said “No, Sephora, 15 bucks”.

What! $15!!! They appeared to be professionally applied and perfectly in tact and for $15, it’s a home run. Being in the industry that I am, I am washing my hands often and a manicure usually lasts a day or two at the most and I rarely have my nails polished for that reason. A chip looks far worse than no color at all. Christina also has her hands submerged in water for most of her day and her nails lasted three days. So I did some research.

They are called Chic Prints for Sephora by O.P.I. and you get 16 patches per package for a one time application to your fingernails or toes. You Apply them by heating and pressing then smoothing out any bubbles. The adhesive on the back of the film adheres to your nails and TA-DA! Done. You don’t have to sit to wait for your nails to dry like a traditional manicure. You remove them the same way you apply them, heat and peel. Loads of fun.

What you will need

rubbing alcohol

small scissors

a hair dryer

ultra fine crystal nail file

***Christina’s Tip: Use a hair dryer to warm film instead of your fingers.

Where to buy

For tips patterns and how to order from Sephora, click here.

Christina Keenan is a Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips Contributor and Hair Stylist at 1688 A Hair Studio in Walnut Creek, California. She specializes in matching your hair color with your skin tone and has been professionally trained by Bumble & Bumble in Manhattan. To make an appointment, contact

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