My Dream List for Holiday 2010

Every year my Mom asks me to make a wish list for the holiday and this year was extra fun. Usually I am opposed to a wish list because it is an easy way for the gift giver to lack in creativity and not invest very much time or thought into the recipient. I feel that if you know me, you will know what I like right? Well, that is not always true. How can someone know what you really want if you never tell them?

This year, I made a serious wish list and pin pointed exactly what I wanted and in some ways it felt liberating. I usually give a vague list with general guidelines and hope that the giver chooses well. This year is different, I have been working on saying what I want and choosing gifts that I really want but wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself.

After two hours of research and linking, I complied a small list of specific items and sent it off. Then I just got carried away which is what lead to this post. The list below is a list that I could only dream of. Realistically, I am not Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner is not funding the little elves that bring me gifts. BUT if that were the case, here are a few things I would want Santa to bring me. A girl can dream right?

J’s Dream List

A new jewelry box with a few gems inside including:

This seriously gorgeous Victoria ring

A new Diamond Bangle on right

An extra long strand of freshwater pearls 80″ or 96″

A beautiful pair of round brilliant cut diamond studs

from Tiffany & Co.

This year, I would like to travel to Europe again and these would be the perfect accessories for that trip. My dream is to visit the Eiffel Tower and tour Italy. A new travel companion from Louis Vuitton: The 2011 European Cities Guide and the Keepall in the monogram canvas with the shoulder strap.

A new 15″ or 17″ MacBook Pro with all of the bells and whistles. In college I studied graphic design and haven’t practiced in almost 5 years. This year, I would like a new Mac with all of the design software in one bundle: Adobe Creative Suite 5.  I can’t wait to get back into it. I have dreams to create!

My dream list is complete. These are the items that I dream about year after year. Somebody pinch me…

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