SFFAMA Fashion Mash-Up Speaking Engagement RECAP

I am continually impressed by SF and it’s community. I met some very impressive individuals Thursday night with vision, drive, and determination to make a difference. The event went from 6-9 but the actual discussion started at 7. I felt well prepared but as always, thoughts of wonder flooded my mind as my MK platforms tapped the pavement. Was I over dressed? Who would be there? Will I know more or less than the other panelists? Who will show up to see this? With my mind racing as fast as my feet, I headed down Spear Street towards Pigment Cosmetics to meet the rest of the panelist for the evening.

I was one of eight guests that shared their experiences and time with the members of SFFAMA. The topic of discussion was the impact that technology and social media have had on the fashion industry.  I was equally as impressed with members of the audience; they were memorable and forward thinking. I hope to see them again as well. It is all about the relationships that we create. I was fortunate to have met these talented individuals and grateful to have been a part of the SFFAMA Mash-Up (thank you, Owen).

An Overview of the Panelists

Jonathan Plozker of Heliotrope: Heliptrope is a natural, locally sourced skin care company right here in Noe Valley. You all know how I value local products and natural goods. This was a find! They offer massage therapists discounts and custom create scents with essential oils.

Sabin Speiser of Speiser Consulting: Sabin was by far the most versed in “tech speak”. He is a wealth of knowledge and offered great advice. He gave me great insight!

Liz Caruana of Liz Caruana Photography: What an amazing page! If you haven’t seen her work, please check out her page. She is a fantastic fashion photographer and involved in many of the city’s events.

Mai Wong of See Zenn: Mai and her team have an online store with plenty of cute clothes for all of my fashionistas out there. They offer free shipping over $30 and are having a launch party November 6th. For more info, email Mai at marketing@seezenn.com

Dawn Flanigan of Eco-Friendly Fashion Association of California: Dawn is the Founder of this amazing organization and is one of the driving forces behind the green movement in fashion. Check her out at the Green Festival November 5th and 6th.

Irina D’Amato: A Fashion Designer producing hand made fabrics in Europe and importing them in to the US.

Naz Saeed of Eco-chic Zansus Purses: Naz Saeed  is one of two designers. They “upcycle” by creating purses out of materials that would other wise be discarded.

Pages and People of Note: There were three people in the audience that I wish I had more time to share with them. They are clever, creative, conscious and very fashion forward. Check out these links below:

  1. liveheartfelt.com: Fabulous blog on fashion for Men and Women.
  2. www.HypeBeast.com: Great website with great blogs and resources especially for Men’s fashion.
  3. Sexfiction Show on Oct. 6th at 111 Mina FREE
  4. www.sfveganfashionshow.com Guess who learned about vegan fashion? This girl. I can’t wait to learn more and am hoping to attend their upcoming fashion show at Golden Gate Park in the County Fair Building Oct. 2nd. Entry fee is $7 and the fashion show is free. Here is more info:
    • San Francisco Vegan Fashion Show, happening October 2nd, is the city’s first vegan fashion exhibition, presented by Karine Brighten Events. The event is free, with $7 admission to the World Vegetarian Festival, and will feature nationally recognized designers Pansy Maiden, Reco Jeans, Lion’s Share Industries, Vaute Coture, Melie Bianco, Cri de Coeur and contributor Mission Savvy. Rory Freedman, co-author of the best selling Skinny Bitch book series, will emcee the event. In addition to the runway presentation, Vaute Couture, Pansy Maiden, and Lion’s Share Industries will participate in a Fashion Show Village, where attendees can purchase their products; there will also be a silent auction, managed by Karine Brighten.

Thank you to everyone that called and sent me messages before the event yesterday. It is always nice to hear your voices with words of encouragement and support. To Nancy, Jessica and Mama Badger, thank you SO much for coming out and being there to participate in the discussion.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insights. Much appreciation from SFFAMA and Owen Geronimo.

  2. Thank you for sharing all your positive insights with us, Jacyn! You are truly an inspiration. It was great to meet you and I hope we run into eachother again. :)

  3. It’s amusing you should write about this because I was just thinking of it the other day. You have expressed my own ideas exactly.


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  2. [...] Speaking Engagement at SFFAMA Fashion Mash-Up Fashion and Technology 2.0 [...]

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