Luxe-uriously Fashionable: Kimberlee’s Trunk Show Gems

Perhaps it was the sunshine and guava infused mimosa’s, or perhaps it was the warm California breeze kissed with the scent of  agave, whatever the driving force behind my shopping experience last weekend my spirit has been revitalized and delivered to the fashionably outstretched arms of Spring 2011.

In the comfort of my Wisconsin home, I am enveloped by sweater after sweater during the months of November through February…and even into March most years.  I love sweaters dearly for their warmth and comfort and have nurtured a particularly strong fondness for stylishly buckled boots, the weather that serves as their backdrop however, I am NOT a fan of.  When late fall/early winter approaches, I start my annual “wish it away” process, dreaming of warmer climates and delicately draped angelic wardrobes sent straight from fashion heaven.  This year, as the weather in the Midwest began to turn seasonably chilly (2 weeks ago), I was lucky enough to take a weekend escapade with my husband to the West Coast…just long enough to dip our toes in the sunshine.  The weather and scenery were lovely, the people of the city were beautiful, and the femininity that draped every woman I encountered giving them each a personal style with an ethereal twist was hypnotizing.  In this California state of mind, the racks of playfully enticing couture before me in attention seeking color palettes, eye catching patterns, and alluring feminine fabrics opened up like an oyster sacrificing it’s precious pearl.

Luxe Boutique brought the show to the audience last Saturday night and I had the great privilege of playing a grown up game of dress up with my girlfriends.  Captured in a shopping flurry, I believe I came away from our make-shift dressing room with about 8 pieces in hand that I was truly in LOVE with, but left San Francisco with only 4.  The commonality between them all is that each piece is strikingly reminiscent of something I have seen gliding down the runways in the Spring 2011 collections.  Clearly, my mind has left the building and moved to the land of warmer temperatures.  I suppose that’s why God gave us tights, so we can wear what we love all year long.

The artistic brushstroke pattern of the multi-color silk sleeveless top from Pure Sugar takes me straight to everything I am obsessed with about the 2011 Resort Collection by Chanel.  The brilliant use of rich bold colors, the skin grazing float of sumptuous silk, and the ease of the pleated design are all key elements used in the Chanel Resort 2011 line-up.  I adore the added imagination of the keyhole back design, and the feminine flavor from the ruffle of the black shoulder straps.  Perfect for the Midwest with a jacket or cardi for now, amazing when worn solo in warmer weather.  Absolute stunner.

The delicate shimmer of the silvery sage belted tunic/dress from Ya Los Angeles (currently sold in stores only) is out of control flattering to most skin tones, and immediately conjures up images of the 2011 Spring Ready to Wear lines by both Ralph Lauren and BCBG.  The statement worthy embellishment detail on the bodice gives an unexpected but spot on edge to the sheen of the material, enhancing its feminine charm.  Belted at the waist, the curve accentuation is wildly sexy, yet completely appropriate in form.  This dress is perfect with tights and a leather moto jacket for now, and breezy beautiful with cognac leather wedges during the highly anticipated summer months.

To add an optional sleeve to either of my two light and breezy new styles, I opted to pick up a mid-thigh grazing boyfriend-esque cardigan in a cool coral tone by Beulah (currently sold only in stores).  The hue is amazing on most skin tones, and surprisingly versatile.

And heaven knows I cannot walk away from any shopping trip without at least one statement accessory.  I was immediately taken by a semi-sheer silk scarf in corner to corner animal print, which has already added a touch of glamour to at least 3 of my looks in the 6 days I have owned it.  Gorgeous, heavenly, and soft as…well…silk.

Winter may be upon us, but I definitely have a heat wave in my heart.  Thank You Luxe, for catapulting me out of my cold weather wardrobe staples and into a luxurious fashionable paradise.

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