Living Aloha: A Personal Journey

After an extra stressful week and a busy holiday season, a well needed vacation was in order. My Grandma underwent a quadruple by-pass last Tuesday and I have been working on solidifying a new network for the past four weeks and the final presentation was last Wednesday. I am happy to say that both were a success!

I do apologize for not posting sooner; I left for Hawaii last Friday and will not return until next Monday and have committed to “unplugging” and “disconnecting” while I am here. I will resume posting upon my return and if we are so inspired, we may post a Sunday Supper with all the local fare that we have been cooking.

For those of you who know me, Hawaii is a very special place for me. We moved to the Bay Area from Hawaii over three years ago. We came here with the intention of investing in property and settling into a life for ourselves across the Pacific Ocean. One month into our new life, we left for Spain. I was turning 30 and I wanted to celebrate big so we decided to spend a month traveling through Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Sevilla, Cadiz, Tarifa and other small cities. Upon the last leg of our return, we sat next to a man who was complaining about being bumped from First Class to coach and how he was so appalled at the lack of service blah, blah blah. We just looked at him through blood shot, tired eyes and told him to simply “can it”. The flight from Germany to San Francisco was 11 hours and the flight to the island was another five. Please pal. The least you can do is be quiet.

Needless to say, the chatty man noticed that I was carrying a Wine Spectator in my bag and of course inquired. By the end of the flight he had invited us to his vineyard in Napa and was interested in recruiting B back to the Mainland to sell. Seven months later, we left this holy ground and returned to the fast paced life of the City to do just that.

To me, Hawaii is my sanctuary. You may have heard people say that Hawaii is beautiful, calming and relaxing but it is so much more than that. It is spiritual. The island will either accept you or deny you by providing you with opportunity and good fortune or it will make sure that your life is a living hell, ball you up and spit you out. Fortunately for me, I experienced the acceptance.

Recently, I needed to escape the corporate fat and jargon to refocus before beginning the next chapter in my life. Often times we get lost in the routine of our everyday mundane lives and it will eventually eat away at you. I chose to come back here for the first time since we left to reset, unwind and regroup. For it is here that I experienced the intuition to fly home prior to my other Grandma getting sick and being the the hospital for a week. It is on this island that I felt the true connection between my body, mind and soul. It is here that I felt the healing power of Hawaii.

As I sat on the black rock watching the sun set and the waves crash against the shore, I began to feel that connection again. This is the place that I yearn for. Tomorrow I will stand in the clear blue waters and let them wash over me cleansing my mind of the rhetoric refreshing me one wave at a time.

Sending you light and love,



  1. Nicole Soong says:

    Jacyn, what a great post! I can totally relate to so much of it. God certainly blessed those islands. Enjoy your time there with B!

  2. Aloha kakahiaka,
    Mahalo for your wonderful post. Although, I am truly jealous that you are in Hawaii, my long missed sanctuary also… I am really happy that you are there. Give my love and respect to Pele. She will watch over you. May the islands bring you the spiritual connection you are eager to welcome back.
    Malama pono!
    Jenna Leihua

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