Listed: Starstruck by Tyson Beckford

20120701-131514.jpgIt’s very rare that I am starstruck. Last night I had my heart skip a beat (or ten) as Tyson Beckford approached me to introduce himself and softly kiss my cheek. Being in the state of California, you tend to see your fair share of famous folk. After awhile the celebrities become passé and you get used to seeing them going about their everyday lives. Last night was unlike any other celeb–this one was on “The List”.

“The List”, for the .0001% of you who live under a rock, is a collection of people, typically famous, who are fair game (in the event the blissful opportunity arises) that you have a “pass” on. Meaning your significant other grants you permission to, say kiss them, and they won’t be mad. Both women and men have these “Lists” but RARELY does the opportunity arise where you ACTUALLY see, let alone interact with, someone on the list. That’s why it’s so easy to give “the pass” because chances of that ever happening are oh-so-slim.

So let’s get to it:

It was about 1am and we weren’t feeling the scene at Ruby Skye so we decided to leave. As we were walking out of the club, there was an entourage of women swarming two men. One guy in a full red suit and long dreads and another wearing an all white suit and a perfectly shaved dome. The guys were peepin’ the women wondering who these dudes were with all these chics when Andre softly says– “That’s Tyson Beckford.”

What?! Who?! (Picture neck swinging like it was on a swivel) All I see is the dreadlock guy and I am sure that I am mistaken when suddenly his beautifully chiseled face turns and BAMMMM! I see stars. My jaw hit the floor an for the first time in my chatty life I was speechless. Visions of every Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren Polo ad in every magazine danced through my head as I tried to get a closer look.

Nick grabs my arm and says “we’re going in, you are going to meet Tyson.” Weak in the knees, I gain my composure and walk back into the club trying not to trip over myself. We walk over to the VIP section and stop right in front of him waiting for the right moment to turn around and pray he invites us in. Nick being the man he is doesn’t wait for an opportunity, he seizes it. The next thing I know, Nick and Tyson are arm and arm acting like they have known each other for years. His film crew is taping away and his assistant hands us a few cards when Nick turns and says “Tyson, I’d like you to meet Jacyn. She runs the Bay.”

(HEART BEAT, HEART BEAT, HEART SKIPPING BEATS) I am pretty sure the lights dimmed as he walked toward me. No, they didn’t–we were in a dark club, I’m pretty sure I was dimming!

He grabs my hand, pulls it up near my face, gently kisses my cheek and says something but I was so starstruck I can’t remember then he says “Will you come to my party tomorrow?” without hesitation, I gently nodded my head up and down and mustered a quick yes.

Really?! That’s it?! That’s all you could do in the moment of glory?!? Struck down by starstruckism. He turned back and walked toward the VIP table my eyes fixed on his gorgeous white suit, particularly the pants. Heaven take me now.

I woke up this morning with the same goofy grin I went to bed with. All I have left is a beautiful memory of that split second moment, a pounding headache, an old club stamp and a VIP pass to his exotic pool party…tonight.

And no, I am not going.


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