Lipstick, Lashes and Love…the Ladies of Papillon Beauty

I can not begin to describe the feeling of inner beauty and self assurance that I feel when I step into a room after having my hair, make-up and eyelashes done. One of my favorite pastimes as a little girl was dress up. Why? Because I witnessed a transformation from the what I knew as warm and familiar to powerful and chic.  I would not only see but feel the elegance of our mothers and grandmothers shine through when they slipped into a gorgeous gown and applied that final coat of beautifully bold red lipstick as they grabbed their fur and headed for the door. The scent of Chanel Number 5 lingered in the air as I yearned for the day that I too could feel as glamorous as they looked and felt in that very moment.

Kimberlee had the honor of spending an afternoon with the beautiful and talented Make-Up Artist  Barb Zanzig of Papillon Beauty embracing the artistry of the craft. She experienced the magic and couldn’t wait to share it with you. She explored their atmosphere and intellect to find out the root of their passion and why they do what they do. Here is her story…

Lipstick, lashes and love…the ladies of Papillon Beauty
Beauty is individual, it is personal, and it is evoked from within the soul. When you allow your outside to match your inside, beauty is awakened and your spirit becomes alive. Creating that complete feeling of love and beauty is a sincere passion within Papillon’s very core and places them in a blissful paradise far apart from the average superficially charged studio in the beauty industry.

An evening so beautiful that a dream was created. Barb Zanzig and her magical brushes created a masterpiece on my face right there in the middle of a tranquil space filled with love, positive energy, and a conversation about why we share a mutual love for giving women the power to feel their unique and personal beauty. I’m a fashion girl, and I’ve certainly been painted before, but never like this. I’ve been fluffed, brushed, dusted and glimmered from forehead to neckline countless times and never ever have I walked away FEELING like a princess, not even on my wedding day. I didn’t even know that was possible from a layer of eye shadow and a kiss of lipstick.




Barb spoke to me in her sweet and endearing voice, smiled at me and reassured me as I felt vulnerably naked without my “face” on sitting in her chair discussing what she would be doing, and lifted my spirit and inner peace as we giggled and played dress up in layers of color.

Barb is more than an expert; she is a master of her trade. She is an artist to the core, having begun her love of beauty when she was just a child drawing highlights in Barbie’s hair on the pages of her coloring book and taking it all the way from the counter of Estee Lauder to the expert powers of MAC Cosmetics for almost 10 years painting the faces of everyone from brides to runway models, and all of the in between canvases before branching out on her own. A trained esthetician, Barb has studied with the prestigious Aveda Institute and created beauty on faces gracing the runways of such events as the internationally renowned Macy’s Glamorama event. With over 15 years of experience in decorating the world with the color of her creativity, Barb is a phenomenal person with a tremendous amount of beautiful talent to match. Madison, WI is blessed to have such a talent within its community.

When I met with Barb for my beauty experience, I gave her complete creative control over the look of my face. In the presence of greatness, it was an honor to wear her masterpiece…which is exactly what she created for me. I sat in her chair without a drop of color on my skin feeling vulnerable and self conscious, and 45 minutes later I emerged a princess with shimmering hues and a warmth in my heart that kept me smiling until I fell asleep on my pillow 10 hours later…and I confess that after a night on the town with my husband, I did NOT wash my makeup off until morning and my eye makeup was still perfectly in place. In fact, I actually wore the same eye makeup on the second day with a fresh application of foundation. Stunning.




The lights were beautiful and twinkling, not blaring in my face. The voices were soft, and being an appointment only salon there were no onlookers gawking at my process mid completion which has inevitably been true of every past experience I’ve known in having my makeup applied. Papillon does not sell makeup, so there is no pushy pitch to replace my entire collection as associated with most retail makeup artists, and the ladies of Papillon will even work with your very own personal supply if you are in love with the products you currently use. Show me how to get gorgeous with MY makeup? Yes please, sign me up. Anyone with me? No, seriously.


Makeup application is not and SHOULD NOT be reserved for celebrities and runway models; beauty is not measured against the pages of Vogue. Looking as beautiful as you feel is a power that every woman can empower themselves with to make every day feel as beautiful as possible. Makeup is fun, creative and enhancing to the beauty that already lies within you. Taking advantage of the expert knowledge and masterful skill that these experts are willing to share is a priceless experience that will last far beyond your time at their hand. The experience is invaluable, rejuvenating and something that every woman should allow themselves the pleasure of taking part in. I am impressed, in love and a lifetime follower of the lipstick, lashes and love created at Papillon beauty.



Who…makes you feel beautiful:

Barb Zanzig, master makeup artist extraordinaire (pictured left)



Amy Dickerson: Papillon owner, Xtreme Lashes expert stylist and trainer, esthetician, and makeup artist (pictured right)


Denise Pederson: esthetician and certified Xtreme Lashes stylist (pictured lower left)
What…they do:
The services offered by Papillon Beauty include professional makeup artistry, individual and group
glamour training sessions, special occasion glamour parties, spa treatments for the mind and body,
customized facials, waxing services, Xtreme Lashes applications and training.

When…they offer their expertise:
Beauty and spa services are available at Papillon Beauty by appointment only, and Xtreme Lashes 2 day
training programs are conducted by schedule throughout the year. 

Where…the beauty is created:

Beauty and spa services, trainings, and Xtreme Lashes applications and trainings are created at their beautiful Middleton suite and makeup is available in house and on location by request.







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