Kim’s Fashion Networking Event and Wisconsin Fashion Week


In a sea of statuesque models, a flurry of fashion industry professionals engaging in high volume conversations, and not a microphone to be found in the house; emerges a calm, cool and collected Kristi Moe, coordinator and mastermind behind the Wisconsin Fashion Week movement. 

Recognized by In Business Magazine as being part of the “40 under 40” Rising Business Leaders, and featured on the cover of Brava Magazine last year, Kristi is a force to be reckoned with in the Fashion Industry and the swarms of people clamoring around her just to have an opportunity to speak with her for a few brief seconds only reaffirms that the Midwest crowd knows it.  There is something about her presence, her bubbly charm, and her ability to take control of a room that adds an element of “to be taken seriously” to a seemingly simple networking mixer.

What began less than 3 years ago as Madison Fashion Week, has evolved into Wisconsin Fashion Week having tripled in attendance and scale in recent years due largely to extremely well executed events like the Fashion Networking event held on the eve of the nationally recognized Fashion’s Night Out.  Opening the evening’s events with a model casting call, Kristi and her production team welcomed a stunning crowd of WFW runway hopeful’s to The Café in Madison, WI.  Immediately to follow, fashion networking with a room full of industry professionals at the Bonfyre Grill, eagerly anticipating Kristi’s fashionable entrance.

The professional minds and talent levels in the room were amazing, the titles ranging from clothing designers and photographers to make-up artists and hair stylists.  Steffani Lincecum of Stitch Coach Studio was in attendance adding pattern maker and published author to the more interesting titles on the list.  Steffani is a great example of a seriously talented fashion mind found right here in Madison, WI.

Rod Swims and the beautiful Brandie Delarosa of Swimwear were representing their “Hip Hop Nerd” T-Shirt (and more to come) line, bringing a new level of completely cool elements to the table with entirely unique word play details such as “Straight Outta ‘Sconsin” (for the true Wisconsinite).

Sarah Sandell of Avant Garde salon (pictured with Kim) elegantly carried her signature spotlight worthy cropped faux hawk style, demonstrating her brilliant style and talent for custom hair design.  Peter F. Castro was strategically positioned behind one of the most brightly shining flash bulbs of the evening and for excellent reason, his ability to capture a moment is untouchable.  Peter has a way of making the ordinary anything but.  A client list as long as my arm, Peter is certainly the top contender on a very short list when it comes to fashionable photography. Thank you, Peter for these amazing shots!

Kristi’s entrance was not to be missed as she effortlessly took stage, generously revealing a handful of pre-fashion week event details not yet released to the public, in true VIP style.  Wisconsin Fashion Week will take place from November 6 – November 13, 2010 and will be filled to maximum capacity with events and runway shows each representing the overall theme, “Life. Styled.”  The emphasis will be placed on intentional signature pieces over fleeting trends, highlighting eco-friendly and entirely lovable pieces that help us love our world.  The fashion culture in Wisconsin and the surrounding upper mid-west is growing at a jaw dropping rate, and being promoted, welcomed and embraced by this high-profile event open to the general public.

It seems that on my way to VIP access and front row runway seating at New York Fashion Week, I’ve discovered something amazing right here in Wisconsin.  Who knew a seemingly simple networking event would be so incredibly impressive?  I am stricken, and have now completely wiped my calendar of anything less than critical for November 6 – 13, 2010.

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  1. I’ve been getting amazing reactions from these events. Thanks so much for covering them! I think people are most excited about the new Wisconsin Fashion Awards. It’ll be exciting to see the photo exhibit… i think we’ll have a bevy of new talent come out of the woodwork to show off their expertise!

  2. It is my absolute pleasure to be surrounded by the fashionable energy created by the Wisconsin Fashion Week events, and can hardly wait to see what is to come next for our readers!
    ’til then,

  3. It is so exciting to see Wisconsin’s fashion community coming together. Can’t wait to see what Wisconsin Fashion week has to offer.


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