Kimberlee’s Twilight Fit of the Week: BB Dakota’s Nicola Jacket

Most of the time, my fashion selections are thoroughly researched and well thought out… almost without fail, I purchase with a plan.  Occasionally, however, I simply listen to my heart and take a running jump into an impulse purchase with my eyes wide shut.  And even more occasionally, if I keep my fingers crossed, my impulsive running jump will land me into some rather brilliant good fortune.

Random window shopping on my laptop one afternoon in search of a great pair of something wonderful, I happened to stumble upon a strikingly unforgettable collection of jackets situated within Francesca’s 2010 fall lineup.  From the ultra contemporary brand BB Dakota, each piece has an appealing feminine quality with defined waistlines and complexion flattering color choices.  One jacket in particular, grabbed my attention with a mighty fisted grip, and carried me all the way to checkout land.

From the Jack Collection of BB Dakota, the Nicola jacket

is constructed of a heavy weight canvas, featuring a mocked layer appearance with its ribbed cuffs and attached cotton jersey hood.  The massive amount of burnt gold hardware and pockets that adorn the front add just the right amount of visual appeal, bringing in a perfectly casual semi-military vibe (super hot trend for 2010).  The unique well-worn shade of peacock blue was what ultimately sealed the deal as I impulsively submitted my order.

Now, to research what I’ve just purchased.

As it turns out, I am not the only brunette that found this jacket to be a must have…it seems that this particular jacket was worn recently on the big screen by a character known as Bella in the outrageously popular Twilight phenomenon.  I’m utterly speechless, but in a good way.   What are the odds that I would stumble across something this completely amazing AND fantastically famous?  Wow.

Once the jacket arrived on my doorstep, I quickly found it to be even more of an amazing treasure than it appeared to be online.  Standing in front of my full length mirror, my first observation is that it must be really, really cold in Bella, Jacob and Edward’s world of the un-dead, because the blanketing warmth from the full fleece lining feels like wearing a really flattering and well constructed sleeping bag.  To die for, or UN-die for as the case may be.  The waist is completely defined and feminine, and the brilliant complexion flattering peacock blue hue is even more delicious in person.  I definitely recommend this jacket for a casual day, paired with a super flattering pair of jeans (my pick: Gap Always Skinny, dark wash).  The waist is truly fitted, so bear that in mind when size selecting.

This simply amazing find is a perfect example of the unrecognized power finger crossing brings to impulsive behavior.  Love, love, love.

Photo from Francesca’s website


  1. Just curious what size u ordered this in! I just ordered it from hautelook,,i can usually wear xs in juniors im a zero in jeans but ive heard mixed reviews about this jacket running small..i just dont want it to be like a ‘mini’ jacket on me, how true to size did it for you?

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