Kimberlee’s Premiere: Bare the Shoulder, Spare the Arm!

I am really excited to have introduced you to our Real World Fashion Expert, Kimberlee Smith over the weekend. She has great fashion and style “Insider Tips” that will help real women shop smarter and dress better. She would be happy to answer any questions that you may have just email her at

Bare the Shoulder, Spare the Arm!

The most flattering feature on almost every woman? The shoulders. The least flattering feature on almost every woman? The upper arm.

For a breezy feel on warmer weather days, skip the cap sleeve which typically accentuates the thickest part of a woman’s upper arm by stopping right in the middle completely ruining the image of a long line, and instead go for a draped off the shoulder top that will reveal just enough skin to make you feel like the sexy kitten you are, and draw far less attention to that pesky upper arm. Insider tip…be sure to judge the neckline of the off the shoulder looks, depending upon your bust size. Too large of a drape on a small bust will leave you constantly adjusting to avoid a sneak peek of the girls for all the paparazzi to see. The perfect drape will feel loose, natural, and luxurious. Look for brilliant colors to pair with jeans, shorts, or a perfect pair of black pants for a less casual look.


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