Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week: Over The Knee Boots

I will not willingly confess to the exact number of style and fashion publications that I currently subscribe to (more than a dozen, less than a million), but when there appears to be a commonality in each and every one of their “Top 10″ lists of “must have” style trends for the new season one must take notice.

Not for the faint of heart, the “notice me” over the knee boot trend is definitely a true style commitment, and requires serious confidence for maximum effect.  At 5’2” I myself am rarely caught in anything less than the cloud kissing height of a stiletto heel, however, the image that comes to mind when combining an ultra high heel with an over the knee boot creates a loudly screaming statement shoe which would be less than practical for a girl to get away with in the average day to day 9 to 5 environment, and could only be worn socially a handful of times before it would lose it’s charm.  Drat.  That will not do.

Still…I really, really, REALLY want a pair.  What to do, what to do?    There must be a happy medium.  I reason, rationalize, sleep on it a bit, and then with an ethereal rush of wisdom, the pearly gates of shoe heaven open before me and produce:  The Over-The-Knee Mini Wedge Boot by Skechers.

I discovered this reasonably priced $99 boot while casually perusing through Victoria’s Secret’s new fall footwear collection, and was instantly in shoe love with its sleek black shine of the “leatherette” shaft kissed by a 1 ¾” wedge heel complete with a rubber tread bottom.  Oh, and as I may have mentioned before, I love love love buckles.

This boot feels like I am wearing a pair of notoriously comfortable Skechers tennis shoes.  Shoe magic.  The shaft of the boot hits a good 3” above my knee, and the sleek simplicity of the design carries only a strap and buckle on the back of the unique U cut at the top of the calf making them so completely versatile that I can pair them with just about anything in my fall wardrobe.

In the short time I have owned these heart stopping show pieces, I have worn them to a fashion event with a smokin’ hot faux leather moto jacket from Forever 21 (under $35…and worth EVERY penny) for a rocked out head to toe black “leather” look, to work with my Gap sweater dress, and to a birthday party with jeggings and a long sleeve t-shirt.

On trend?  Check.  Sleek black leatherette for under $100 looking anything but cheap?  Check.  Versatile, wearable, and smokin’ hot?  Check, check, check.

Photo from Victoria’s Secret Website

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