Kimberlees’ Pick of the Week: Nodding to the 90′s – Jeggings and Jean Jackets

MooOOOOoooM!  Do you know where my walkman is?

If you can actually hear yourself having screamed this statement through perfectly cotton candy glossed lips, you can probably vividly recall constructing sky scraping mall bangs, or rimming your eyelids with black liner after being carefully melted with a Bic cigarette lighter, or performing Fame worthy moves much like those by Marisa Tomei in Untamed heart…rolling and contorting on your bed while sucking in your stomach with every abdominal muscle in your body just to zip up your liquid tight jeans.  Well ladies, I bid a  warm welcome back to at least one of those fantastic looks snatched right out of the early 1990’s, with the undeniably hot trend now known as “jeggings.”

As is typically true with a style that is reminiscent of generations gone by, the jegging has taken everything we LOVED about the look of the ultra tight jean and improved upon the components we did not.  The jegging has cleverly combined the slick tight yet ultra stretchy traits of the legging with the unmistakable look of denim.  BRILLIANT!  How on earth did this genius solution escape the minds of the early 90’s?  I suppose we were too busy trying to get our bangs to stand 2” higher than the next girl’s.

The pair I currently want to eat, sleep, and be buried in are American Rag Denim Leggings in dark denim.  I purchased these from Macy’s online after doing a bit of research and discovering that this pair seemed to hit a high note with more than one jegging wearer.  When I made my purchase, they were on sale in both dark denim and black shades, for $9.99 a pair.  What a steal!  Sadly, they are no longer available from Macy’s online (it seems I was not the only fashionista on a mission to find the perfect jegging), but if you can find them anywhere else…buy them in every color they have.

What I adore about them, and what I strongly encourage you to look for in whichever pair you choose for yourself, is that they are made from a look-a-like denim fabric that is heavy enough to retain its shape.  (Sugarlips Tip: When testing the shape retention potential of ANY stretchy denim jean, poke one layer of the material with your finger and see how quickly it bounces back.  If it holds the dent, it will likely loose shape quickly with wear.  ALSO…don’t dry stretchy denim in the dryer.  EVER.)  They are a full 31” inseam, and come complete with back pockets.  They slip effortlessly into boots, and seductively scrunch over my stilettos.  These are hot, hot, HOT!

My one and only WARNING is that the waistband is full on elastic, no closure or structure to hold them snug to your hips which can cause them to occasionally slip a bit with movement requiring a reposition every now and again.  That being said, however, I have owned much more expensive pants that have slipped in much worse ways than these do.

Another must-buy for 2010 that has been resurrected from the MC Hammer era is the modernized jean jacket.  Formerly seen on the back of every girl from NYC to El Paso, covered in witty quotable buttons and friendship pins, the revamped jean jacket is the perfect transition piece for the upcoming fall season.  The universally perfect look for this fall should hit at the natural waist, to not only accentuate your curves but to allow your breezy summer tops to remain center stage when you cover your shoulders.  I am a big fan of what Levi’s has done with their Cropped Denim jacket.  At first sight it looks identical to a jacket I wore every day in junior high…but in reality, it is light weight with a hint of stretch and has a fantastic curve to the cut that is slightly higher in the back creating a rounder back view which is ultra flattering.  The darker shade of denim with the whiskery fade is a perfectly fresh yet broken in look that works as a neutral to ground any look.

I’m off to the mall with my pack of Hubba Bubba to buy the new Madonna tape; I think my Mom found my walkman.

photos from Macys and Levis websites.

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