Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week: Morning After Made Better Courtesy of Splendid Basics!

Last night I drank one too many champagne cocktails, regretingly inhaled a third slice of 2am pizza, and managed to tip the taxi driver with every cent of my rainy day savings cash tucked “safely” in the top secret compartment of my wallet. And now as the alarm blares its merciless call in my face, I realize, I have to drag my sorry butt out of bed and go to work. Allow me to introduce you to the only thing more comforting on a morning like this than reaching over to your nightstand and finding your cell phone is still in your possession, basics by Splendid.

A basics line like no other, the feel is like a softly draped blanket of home comforts wrapped lovingly around your body. From tanks and tees to bottoms of all sorts, and even a beyond adorable structured little jacket that is anything but “structured,” Splendid is a core necessity for anyone hoping to retain even an ounce of comfort while looking casually chic, these are NOT your average t-shirts. They hold their shape, they look great after a dozen washes, they feel better and better with every wear, and they are the easiest pieces you will every incorporate into your daily wardrobe. My absolute favorites of the moment include the layering tanks which are long enough to be fully extended beyond your tooshie when laid completely flat, thermal henleys (mentioned in a previous post), very light jersey tees which work perfectly on their own merit but play very nicely with others when layered, and my newest Splendid LOVE…the Palm Desert Blazer.

The Palm Desert Blazer adds instant polish to jeans and a t-shirt, but feels almost exactly like I’ve just thrown on my favorite sweatshirt. It’s pretty incredible. The lining in the River Rock shade is a very sweet pinstripe adding a preppy element to the crazy lovable slouch of the design.

I love how it makes black jeans look less grungy; it makes dark blue denim look less formal, and takes my plain white layering tanks and makes them look like I chose them on purpose. Incredible, from every aspect.

Morning after made better courtesy of Splendid, no Alka Seltzer required.

Love, love, love.



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