Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week: MiH Marrakesh Jeans

I am especially excited about Kimberlee’s new job at a small designer boutique because she keeps me in the loop on all of the styles, trends and best of all, sales. Today’s piece is on sale and offers a gift card with purchase! See our Facebook page for sale details. Enjoy!

There is absolutely nothing in the entire universe of retail therapy outlets that is more intoxicating than a perfectly stitched pair of denim. My love for jeans of every cut and color has grown deep, incredibly deep…approximately 37 pair deep if you ask my closet. I can’t seem to practice any self control. Deep dark rinses reminiscent of midnight skies, hues as brilliant as a Crayola factory, and cuts ranging from skinny mini to Farrah Fawcett style flares. I love them all. I shop them, I stalk them, I hunt them, I buy them. Obsessed much? Yep, completely.

I recently stumbled upon yet another little piece of denim decadence that has made its way into my current top 3 playlist within its very first week of residence in my ridiculously overflowing wardrobe. A well deserved honor for this new girl on the block. MiH (stands for Made in Heaven…corny, but I believe this just may be true) Marrakesh in Greyson embody so many of my beloved favorite traits in a pair of perfect jeans I can hardly believe they exist, much less that I own them. First, the shade is incredibly unique in an absolutely rock star shade of washed out gray that seems to fade into every color combination my creative mind can imagine. The cut is a perfectly flared 70’s throwback with a mid/high rise; these bad boys are just begging to be introduced to my platform shoes. The fabric is a significantly softer finish than most traditional flavors of denim; they actually feel from day 1 like they should when they reach that exact moment of being perfectly….yours. They are INCREDIBLE! And as if they are not fantastic enough on their own merit, they are currently riding the sale rack. Nope, I’m not kidding. $118, and if you purchase them under the current promotion at Shop Twigs, you will earn a $20 gift card toward a future purchase. Kind of a no-brainer.

I would tell you how to pair these perfect little butt grabbers, but the list of what NOT to pair them with is probably shorter than the list of what will look amazing with them. Dressed up, dressed down, dressed completely rock & roll…MiH Marrakesh in Greyson are a must have. I repeat, MUST HAVE. You will thank me later.


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