Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week: Matiko Black Studded Loafer

20120210-081301.jpg I fully expected to be covering my massive score from the Jason Wu for Target collab this week, but alas, every “hit ‘em below the belt fight dirty hair pulling” person across the country cleared them out within minutes of the doors opening on Sunday morning. 8:07am, and not a Jason Wu piece to be seen at my local Target. I literally asked a Target worker if they had put it out yet. Ha. Little did I know.

Personal vent, thanks for listening. And should Target be listening, can we make a deal and only allow 1 or 2 pieces per person on release day for the next big one so we don’t all have to pay twice as much to get the coveted pieces we have been dreaming about on e-bay? Thanks.

What I CAN tell you, is that when I did stomp out of my Target empty handed on Sunday; my feet were looking pretty awesome. I recently snagged the most rock star pair of black studded loafers by Matiko that an edgy little fashionista could dream of. Easy, slip on, snake skin embossed leather covered from heel to toe in tiny little gunmetal spikes. Ummm…kind of perfect, right? They are incredibly comfortable and obviously being black they work with just about everything in my closet. The loafer design itself is an amazing Spring trend that lends an air of masculinity leaning on the borrowed from your boyfriend look, and the undeniable functionality of a flat shoe is kind of perfect for those of us that spend most of our days on our feet. They are incredibly flexible, no stiff sides to rub painful blisters against my skin, and they look distinctly like a fab pair of LouBoutin’s I have had on my wish list for several months. Love!


Jason Wu, we shall meet again. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my studded Matiko loafers.



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