Kimberlee’s Pick Of The Week: Love

The day of the Valentine has come and gone for 2011, but love is an experience that should last us all year long. The energy should envelope us, the aura should surround us, and the feeling should be shared by us every day. I love the blissful feeling love conjures within my soul and the element of happiness it creates. Love.


In this ethereal frame of mind, I happened upon a fashionably lovable accessory that made my heart skip a beat. The Puff Heart Pendant, by Rachel Roy.

Dangling at my heart’s length, the 2” puffed heart pendant in a hue of red with an orange undertone dangles on a golden 36” chain.

The simple design pairs easily with practically everything from the pattern rich soft textures to the solid minimalistic, and lends an unexpected bold color element to even the most basic pieces. A perfect marriage of trends for 2011 blending minimalism with in-your-face color.

 Being in the still frozen snow-covered Midwest we have not yet hit dress season, so my current favorite ways to wear this emblem of love is next to a sharp shade of army green with unique detail elements, or layered over a plain white t-shirt and jeans.


 Love is still in the air, and has stylishly found its way into my wardrobe.

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