Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week: Get Your Motors Running

I have a past filled with stories worth telling, and a mind filled with lyrics worth yelling…It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a wild child.  While my friends were busy spinning bubble gum pink fairytale fantasies of growing up to be Cinderella, I longingly idolized every eternally cool aspect about Joan Jett and all that she stood for.  Fearless, reckless, and head to toe rebellious…with a leather jacket to match.  There is something unquestionably intense and alluring about a choppy head of intentionally messy hair and smoky black eyes worn with knee high motorcycle boots that are wrought with the wear and tear of a life lived on the edge.

My picks this week are my slightly more feminine, slightly more modern interpretation of a look made iconically cool like only James Dean could.

Up first, are the coolest boots to walk the walk this century, the Highway Boot by Unity created by Carlos Santana.  As one would imagine, practically anything Mr. Santana touches becomes immediately drenched in his aura of cool, and this pair of broken in vintage vibe cognac brown flat motorcycle style boots are no exception.  Complete with a round toe, ankle harness with a (squeal) buckle to match its slightly smaller partner placed at the top of each outer shaft.  Where Carlos has breathed life into them taking them to an entirely new level of cool, is by adding RED full length zippers running up the back each shaft.  A-freaking-MAZING!   (also available in black paired with a BLUE full length zipper).  I am in love.

What better way to pay complement to the coolest boots on earth than with an ultra modern genuine leather bomber jacket that offers a nod to its vintage inspiration? Posing a slightly Red Baron-esque aviator vibe, the Asymmetric Leather Jacket from Rezrekshn is the perfect balance of striking detail and impressive ease.  Classic moto style blends with an ultra modern asymmetric (higher in the back, lower in the front) hem adorned with cotton ribbing at the waist and the underside of each sleeve, available in a deep luxe brown or the always perfect black.

Like a true nature’s child, we were born to be wild…and when you see us walk down the street you are definitely going to know it.

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