Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week: Steven Alan

20111022-090334.jpgI’ve always thought the legend of the “easy” button was nothing more than a myth, or at best just a seriously well played marketing tactic that led me to believe in an alternate reality where all troubles were instantly resolved with the push of a button. What on earth could possibly be in the realm of reality about a tiny little button making everything right in the world? No sooner than I concluded that this fictional button was an absolute improbability, I was introduced to my newest BFF…or BFS as I should say, the Boyfriend Shirt by Steven Alan.

A company that was founded on its very classically American roots and designed with a unique twist, Steven Alan has been producing pieces that are as easy to wear as they are to love for more than 15 years.

Long and lean structure falling at the top of my thigh this cotton wool blend fabric is natural, light and breathable making it feel almost too comfortable to be clothing. The oversized cut is flattering and perfect on its own merit, left unbuttoned over a neutral cami, or layered under my bulky winter sweaters adding a little touch of interest at the collar and a long, un-tucked shirt hem. The fabric holds the most amazing wrinkles too…not the gross kind we loath, but the AMAZING kind that look intentionally disheveled, like I snatched it right off my husband’s side of the bed after he changed from work. Oh, and yes, a full row of tiny little white buttons making this piece one of the EASISEST in my closet, and on my body. It works with practically EVERYTHING! Tucked in to wide leg jeans, un-tucked with straight leg jeans, open over a tank with skinny jeans, under sweaters and jackets of all kind…the hands down winner of the most versatile piece in my wardrobe. How EASY could this possibly be? A great staple for Fall/Winter 2011 and beyond. I am getting 4 more, stat. I think I have found my new daily uniform. Love!

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