Kimberlee’s Air Santa Express: Tips For Traveling Light This Holiday Season

There is no place like home for the holidays, but when home is closer to the North Pole than it is to your driveway you better have a travel plan ready before you summon Rudolph to guide your way.

  • Start with the shoes
    • Choose only a favorite pair or two for your trip home, and then pack great outfits around them.  Shoes take up the most room in anyone’s travel bag, by packing only one or two pair your bags will instantly lose their holiday weight.
  • Flying with Air Santa?
    • Think long and hard before you pack enough to have to check a bag.  Most airlines charge $25 for the first bag that is checked, and an additional $35 for each bag beyond the first.  These fees apply to BOTH WAYS of your trip…so double that number, and decide if it’s worth it to bring 2 outfits for each day you’re away.
  • Give yourself the gift of Time

    • If you’re road tripping, plan an extra hour or two to your itinerary to make a stop for leg stretching and hot cocoa drinking.  If you’re flying the friendly skies, leave about an hour or two layover time between flights if possible to allow you a casual stroll from your arrival gate to your departure gate…running through airports with carry on baggage creates unnecessary stress (trust me on this one).
  • Upload to unload
    • Photo snapping like a paparazzi gone mad makes for a happy heart and a full memory card.  If you have the chance, upload your photos from your camera to a photo storage site like Snapfish, Walmart, Wallgreens, Kodak, etc. each night so you can wipe your memory card clean and start fresh with the photos first thing in the morning.
  • Eat like you mean it, enjoy like you love it, and relax like you need it
    • Time away should be a pleasure, learn to enjoy it and have the happiest of holidays!

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