Kimberlee’s Accessories of The Week: Glamorous Persian Pickles

What does a Persian Pickle have to do with fashion accessories? I can’t wait for you to find out! It’s all about the glamorous drape of a scarf or the curve hugging grip of a unique belt that can polish up a t-shirt and jeans taking them from casual Friday to everyday fashionista with the bat of an eyelash. Here are two of my latest finds!

There is something truly magical about an accessory that is both easy to wear, and universally flattering. As luck would have it, these on-trend little treasures can be found at almost every turn, in a variety of sumptuous materials, and desirable colors and patterns. I myself, however, prefer to take my treasure hunting to unfamiliar places in search of the uniquely affordable.

This week I found myself searching for my lost shaker of salt in Margaritaville (no luck with that), I unearthed a colorfully playful scarf by the greatest name I have ever heard: Persian Pickles, for  only $18.   The neutral oatmeal background is covered in a garden of paisley and flowers in a fantastically rich pallet of deep olive, golden yellow, and whisper of coral and pink.  This piece will add an element of glam to the easy laid back looks of summer, but in 100% cotton, will stay easy and breezy.

As an added souvenir from my expedition, I came across a fierce little treasure, the Tanzania Belt. The strikingly deep coral tone of the tiny beads that are woven together in a 2.5” wide band initially caught my attention, and when I saw the fantastically stained wooden element linking it all together, I was sold. The design, perfect. The fit of the elastic infrastructure beneath the beading, like a glove. The $18 price tag, breathtaking! Coral being such a magnificent accent color, this lovely waist creator can be paired easily with blues, greens, yellows, and neutrals. Use with caution when approaching hues in the red or orange families.

Photos from Francesca’s website. Click on the links above for buying information.


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