Jewelry, Bling and Other Things

For those of you who know me, know that I work for a world renowned jeweler and wearing jewelry, among other things, is my job. I monitor trends, see what people are wearing and how. When I am not working, I typically wear very few accessories and seek out other designs that are not associated with the brand I work for.

My style is classic consisting of diamonds and pearls however, I love to layer and stack combining various metals and ceramics giving my look a little sparkle with a touch of color.I am especially fond of longer pendants and the revival of gold.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting two women who’s lives are also surrounded by beautiful jewelry. One is a stylist and the other is a designer. Both lines are equally as beautiful and really affordable.

This spring, I was introduced to the Stella & Dot line when I attended a  trunk show in Lafayette, Ca. I immediately fell in love with the femininity of the pieces from this collection. They were bright and playful with ceramic accents. Some were delicate while others were statement providing variety for your jewelry box and style. They have stackable bracelets and rings and layerable necklaces and pendants. This is definitely a Hollywood hit and many celebs are wearing this line. The best part about it is that it is completely affordable and utterly gorgeous.

Our fashionista, Kimberlee, introduced me to a line called Zahava Designs. She had written about them a while ago and sent me sent me a pair of the “Rock Me” earrings. I love them! They are bright silver with a gorgeously cut blue clear stone on the end. The length is longer demanding attention and barely brushes my shoulders. For those of you who are familiar with the English model and muse, Twiggy, it reminds me of her statement style of the late ’60′s and early ’70′s. She uses all sterling silver and 14k gold with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. Each piece is hand-crafted and They are absolutely gorgeous, dahling!

Pictured¬† above are Jhanay’s Jazz and I am wearing the Rock Me Earrings on the right.


  1. Amazing insight! You have EXCELLENT taste!

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