Jeans Under $50 That Will Lengthen and Lean – A Comparison

I am in the market for new jeans and being so¬†close to the holiday season, I am seeking a great look that won’t break the bank. I found some great styles below that fit my budget and are designed to flatter. I created a comparison of similar styles and why the jeans on the left are slightly more slimming than the jeans on the right. I have included shopping tips as well to reduce the amount of time in the dressing room. Click on the pictures to get more info on each style.

Bootleg 101

The jeans on the left ($41.90) have a narrower bootcut making the lower leg appear to be longer whereas the jeans on the right ($44.90) tend to bunch shortening the calf area. Secondly, the length is about an inch too long for the model which is also making the ankle bunch. By purchasing a pair with a narrower boot cut with the correct inseam or having them tailored, you have lengthened your leg by shortening your pants. Funny how that works!

Skinny is as Skinny Does

Not all Skinny jeans are created equally. There are a few rules when buying skinny jeans.
1) a dark wash, on left ($44.90), will make you appear “skinnier” than a light wash, on right ($34.90).
2) If you buy a wash, it is best to choose one that is lighter in the center of the thigh and darker on the edges. Imagine a string running from the top of your knee cap to the top of your thigh. That area should be the lightest and the sides, outer thigh and inner thigh, should have a darker wash. This makes your thighs look thinner.
3) Just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean that you should by them.

Flare Over There

This is a great example of not having enough length on the right ($49.90), They are about an 1-1.5″ too short making the ankle really flare and shortening her legs. The jean on the left ($44.90) is a perfect length elongating her legs. I also recommend buying a fitting pair but not tight. The jeans on the left are not as tight as the ones on the right and it creates the illusion that the leg is longer and leaner. I would not recommend this style jean for people who have “saddlebags”; this style will only accentuate that.

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