Introducing UNIQLO: Cute Clothes and a Great Price

I love H&M and Zara and now I have a new love…UNIQLO. A Japanese company with a flagship store located in NYC’s SOHO shopping district and rumored to be opening a store in San Francisco’s Union Square. L.A. is pisssssed but I’m excited.

STYLE: With a variety of pieces in the collection, they offer casual clothes at a very affordable price. Sundresses, skinny jeans, skirts, suit separates, shorts, jackets and more. Shorts and tank tops for $10.90, oxford shirts for $19.90 and blouses for $29.90. Jeans are sweetly priced at $39.90! Italian leather belts for $19.90…this is a dream! Check out their Early Fall Campaign and 2010 Style Book.

FITNESS: UNIQLO  and Toray Industries developed an “innerwear” line designed to keep moisture off of your skin to help prevent chills and is dry to the touch.

Their website is user friendly bringing you the latest news as well as style. You can sort your search by new arrivals, category or color. You can also create a list of all your your favorite choices. You can select multiple categories at a time and choose the desired size for the pictures. It is a fun and interactive page. Check them out!

UNIQLO logo from the UNIQLO website.


  1. I can’t wait!!!!!

  2. I can’t wait for them to open. Thank you for your comment!!

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