In Trend: Wide Legs and How To Wear Them

Trends will come and go and making the most of each look is essential. Making sure that you are dressing for your body type is also key. Here is how to make a wide leg jeans look as amazing you you as they do on the models.

Wide Leg Tip 1: Wear a Wedge

Avoid looking squat by finding a beautifully tall shoe to wear underneath the flares. I recommend that the length of the pant leg is long enough to cover your shoe. You don’t want your pants to drag on the ground so make sure they are approximately 1/2 inch from the bottom of the shoe when standing. This will add extra height and length to the look and ensure that the pants to do not bunch up at the bottom. This is also a way to add a subtle pop of color to your look. Steve Madden



Wide Leg Tip 2: Find a High Waist

Find a high waist pant to create the illusion of length. As you will notice, the difference between this look and the next look is the length of her torso is used to lengthen the legs. Free People

Wide Leg Tip 3: Go Dark

Dark denim creates the illusion of being thinner and taller without even trying. Gap makes a well structured pant in saturated dark wash that dresses up any jean look and provides structure to the pant.



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