Ice It Ice It Baby: Stop Blemishes In Thier Tracks! A Tip From Jane Norman

How many of us can relate to waking up to a HUGE pimple on the morning of a very important day? Great, right? Well expert Jane Norman of Skin Care by Jane Norman has taught me a trick or two to keep blemishes under control. If you had read my previous pieces on acne, you know that blemishes are more common than I would like to admit to.

The worst thing that we can do is touch it and spread it to the rest of our face. We all know better and yet we still do it (myself included) until Jane taught me the ice trick. Anytime that you feel one coming in or wake up to a stellar surprise, ice it.

The ice slows the growth of the bacteria below the skin and reduces puffiness around it. Continue to ice the affected area until the blemish goes away. Rinse with cool water not warm to also help slow the process. Do not scrub or use a washcloth when washing your face during a breakout. It will only make it worse and spread the bacteria.

Sugar Tip*** Rinse ice first before applying directly to the skin.

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  1. Nice and informative tips! Even thugs like us needs to care of our skin. You know what im sayin’ though.

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