I Whip My Hair Back and Forth: Kerastase Hair Treatments for Immediate and Visible Results

Immediately add volume and shine to your tresses with hair treatments from Kerastase. I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Arshakuni, the Kerastase Account Representative for 1688, A Hair Studio in Walnut Creek on Tuesday night. Our very own hair expert and stylist, Christina Keenan, had invited me to come by the salon for a complimentary treatment and blow out with the purchase of any Kerastase product. Hmmm… That’s a $50 savings! Sounds like an outstanding value to me. While I was there, I sat down with Jamie to learn more about the treatments. Check it out!

Cyn: What is a Kerastase Hair Treatment Event?

Jamie: We co-host events like this throughout the year to give client’s a chance to experience new products. It is a pampering, luxurious way to achieve immediate visible results.

***Check out the before and after shots of one lucky recipient below.

Cyn: Tell me more about these treatments. What is it that you are looking for?

Jamie: We check the integrity and elasticity of the hair to determine which treatment would benefit their hair best. If the strand snaps during this test, there is an issue with the cortex and it needs to be addressed.

Cyn: What is the benefit of a hair treatment?

Jamie: The treatments are very personal.We take the lifestyle of the client into consideration as well. For example, we may have a swimmer who spends her days in chlorine water and has highlights we need a treatment that works for each. She will need a different treatment than someone who has never dyed her hair but flat irons every day.

Before and After Shots

Before: Hair was wild, frizzy and dry. Her stylist chose the Oleo Fusion treatment which is designed to condition the cuticle to add moisturize and brilliant shine. It polishes the extremity of the hair and makes it soft to the touch.








Courtney’s Treatment: Courtney has very fine hair that tends to lay flat and lacks volume. Christina chose the Volumorphose treatment to add volume to her fine hair. It infuses texture off the root and gave her extreme volume. Her hair was baby soft!

Get your personalized treatment with Christina today by calling (925) 935-1688 and mention Sugar Lips Tips.

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