I Want to Be a Princess: Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week

When I grow up, I want to be a princess. I want to feel as if I could whisk myself away with the breeze like a handful of glitter and appear to float as I walk through the courtyard of my castle. I want all eyes to be on me as I emerge from my massive custom built closet dressed to the nines and feeling like a goddess. A girl must have her princess dreams…unless, of course you are Kate Middleton, in which case once you marry a prince I think you have to find a new dream.

In the reality of my little world, I may never be able to fulfill my lofty goal of reaching princess status unless my affliction with princess syndrome counts?

To want what I want
or-I-will-probably-cry, LOUD.

With my tiara in tow, I cannot possibly think of a more feminine, breezy, princess like fabric to drape myself in than a sheer, soft, lighter than air silk for my 2011 spring wardrobe. I would live in it if I could. Silk can bring the feeling and attitude of being a princess into my closet effortlessly…and right now. Minus the handful of glitter. Which leads me to my two absolutely heavenly picks of the week, each in its own right are worthy of the closets of any self respecting princess, I must say.

A Shade of Blue That Screams Royalty

This royal blue electrifying top is perfect for layering over neutral colored tank, under an amazing biker, dinner jacket, or on its own with a great pair of bright white jeans and pumps in a brilliantly bold complementary hue.

Brought to life by the designers of Fumblin’ Foe with artistically broken layers of ruffle and lighter than air sheer silk. The drape of the top hangs lightly landing at the hip, and marries a trendy creative flair with rock star color and the elements of a fairy princess. Blissful.

Paisley Palette Explosion
The soft drape of this creatively detailed top is balanced with a drawstring at the waist for definition with a small cognac leather anchor at the collarbone. From the playfully girly bohemian infused line of Storee, the femininity drips from its every stitch. The details are divine, the fabric is heavenly, and it sings out spring-time like nothing I’ve collected thus far. Definitely worthy of gliding through the palace courtyard in, and perfectly covetable by my royal subjects. This top looks absolutely stunning with a great pair of broken in denim or a chino mini and knee high boots to highlight the leather accent. 


***Sugar Tips When Shopping for Silk:

  • Look for breezy designs that float away from the body delicately. Choose bold colors, patterns and unique details to incorporate silk into your 2011 spring wardrobe.

  • As heavenly as they may feel to the touch, stay away from silk that comes in the form of boxy button ups, drab neutrals such as gray, sage green, dusty…anything. Also avoid pieces that are even remotely fitted; these styles and colors are rarely flattering on anyone.

Perhaps I cannot actually BE a royal princess, but nobody said I couldn’t incorporate the element of one into my wardrobe so that I can FEEL like I could be one. And because I want what I want when I want it, I’m off to fulfill my royal shopping desire.



  1. So cute! I totally want that paisley top too :). Can you be my personal shopper for the spring?????

    • Of course! Kim is a personal shopper and is always up for some fun!

    • I LOVE nothing more than telling others what to wear, I’d love to do personal shopping for you! Feel free to post questions to our Facebook page and I will answer with my best fashionista responses.
      Happy Shopping!!

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