I Have Weird Feet and Shoe Dazzle Loves Them: Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week

I have weird feet. They are wide and short, my arches are high, and because I push them to maximum levels of tolerance in stiletto after stiletto they swell at times in protest. When I purchase footwear, the size possibilities range from a 6 to a 7 ½ making it somewhat of a game of chance when shopping for shoes, and my odds for success are even worse when ordering shoes online. I have improved my chances for success over the years through research, learning designers and styles that work best for my odd little feet, and participating in an ongoing match with my old pals trial and error. I have sacrificed gorgeous one of a kind styles at amazing prices because the fit was just not right for me, and I have scored major finds because my weird little feet could snuggle in to shoes that others could not fit. Lucky for me, I love the thrill of the hunt for beautiful.

Recently, I discovered yet another dazzling deal courtesy of Shoe Dazzle, only this time it is one that I am not only 100% confident will fit, it will assist in making several pair of my existing shoes fit just a little bit better than I settled for in my shopping adventures. Foot Petals. These petal soft little stick on cushions are approved by the American Podiatric Society and fit secretly inside your shoe to fill in the gaps if your fit is slightly big on your foot (i.e. slips off your heel when you walk), cushions your soles and the balls of your feet, and keep you from slipping around with a little bit of added traction. Each kit provides enough petals to customize six different issues (the site says six pair of shoes, which is true if you only have one issue per pair, I myself am not so fortunate), and they work like a teeny little secret lucky charm.

Foot Petals are available in my Shoe Dazzle showroom every month for the same $39.95 charge as the footwear available, and worth every cent. They are made from a performance material called PORON which is designed to help prevent blisters and calluses from forming and stops friction and feature a backing strip of 3M adhesive which, once applied, is not going ANYWHERE. Practice walking with them strategically placed in the shoe before removing the backing because they will NOT COME OFF once applied.

My very most favorite component of the kit is known as Heavenly Heelz. This is different from any insert I have ever used, in that it applies to the inside back of the shoe and fills in about ¼ of a shoe size gap completely eliminating that annoying slip slap sound as I walk the halls at work in my hot new Ciji Wedges which were only slightly loose and just way too hot to send back. I am also impressed with the Strappy Strips which are skinny little strips of cushion designed to be applied to the insides of skinny little ankle or toe straps to prevent rubbing which can cause extremely unattractive foot ouchies.

Each kit includes a pair of full length cushion inserts that pad the entire foot from the heel to the ball, one pair of Haute Heels which add a spot of cushion to only the heel taking pressure off of the legs and lower back, Tip Toes which works to add comfort to the ball of the foot and also stops toes from squishing down into the tip of the shoe, two pair of Sole Stopperz which stick to the bottom of the shoe creating traction to prevent embarrassing crash landings, one pair of Heavenly Heels which I described as my newest love and four pair of Strappy Strips which I am dying for the snow to melt so I can try.

Friends love, respect and complement us for all that we are including all of our special quirks…like weird feet. Thank You Shoe Dazzle for being an amazing friend to my odd little tootsies, they love you for it!


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