I Have Been A Little Absent… But for Good Reason: Inspiration

I could tell you that I am busy. I could tell you that I am exhausted. I could tell you I am spread too thin. I could tell you any excuse in the book as to why I have been so absent. The truth is, I needed a little me time. Time to reflect, reorganize and regroup and figure out what it is I really want. I found that I was trying to please everyone and pleasing no one and worst of all disappointing myself.

I love what I do and I love the beautiful souls that I have met and even those whom I have never met but have touched their lives one way or another. This is my passion. This is what I love to do day in and day out. I decided to find new inspiration and break away from the routine and try something fresh. Revisit contacts that I haven’t spoken to in awhile. It has been refreshing and fun needless to say.

Here are a few of my new faves and I invite you to check them out too. They have been worth the read, a browse or a shop. Photos are from respective websites.

Red Lips & Bardot Hair: I love her wicked sassy style and gorgeous smile. A Cal kid living in Brooklyn, NY (my other favorite place in the US), she shares her outfits as well as where she scored them. She emulates beauty, confidence and is an excellent role model for all fashionistas out there. Which leads me to her next venture….


Exit 248: Katie and friend Jenaveve came to the conclusion that they had too many clothes but wanted more clothes. So they came up with an online pop-up shop to sell their vintage wear. Brilliant!


Treasure Island Flea: As a strong supporter of local fashion, I stand behind this project wholeheartedly. It’s a love story that resulted in a gathering place on Treasure Island that will “provide an affordable platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and products directly to the end customer.” Merchants and buyers gather to indulge in culinary treats while encountering new designs and beautiful works of art. It’s a must see! Click Here for the FAQ


Alexbackwards: See the world backwards…This is a Bay Area Beauty who has blossomed into a gorgeous gem. She is a jack of all trades and provides visual stimulation on her page through photos, images and perspective. She has some beautiful photos from Treasure Island Flea that you must check out. This is my favorite photo of her!

Headed out for some wine with friends. We will be drawing the winner of the Effie’s Heart Jackie Dress tonight (sorry for the delay). I can’t wait to announce the lucky winner!

xoxo Cyn


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