I Feel Fat, is Just a Feeling. Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week!

I feel fat.  I think we all suffer from this mental condition at various points in our lives, whether others can actually see what it is that we feel growing from our body parts, or not.  Going through day after day feeling less than our best is not healthy, nor is it solving any potential issue that may actually exist.  I’ve taken to my spirit, my closet and a good long mirror to recognize what I could be doing differently to boost my mentality back to being utterly amazing.  I wanted to share my pick of the week with you today, just a few pieces of sound advice that are immeasurably valuable:

  1.  Get some SLEEP.  Sleep and meditation can reduce your risk of binge eating and weight gain by up to 30%.  7 hours of sleep per night, and 20 minutes of meditation per day and your gorgeous factor will increase. 
  2. Drink some WATER.  Ideally, you should chop your weight in half and drink that many ounces of water per day.  If that number is outrageously high, just be sure to hit a minimum of 50 – 60 ounces.  The water will flush away extra puffiness, toxins in your skin, and will increase your energy. 
  3. To all of my women with short bodies and any amount of curve to their hips or thighs:  Only wear your skinny jeans with a great pair of HEELS.  Flat shoes and skinny jeans will make you look chopped off and squat.  Sorry, I’m in this crowd, and I thought you would rather find out now than in a paparazzi shot.  Don’t like heels?  Don’t wear skinnies.  If you are thin, or incredibly tall, this does not apply to you.  Skinny on.
  4. Do you suffer from a little extra upper arm “fluff?”  Do not EVER wear cap sleeved or racer backed shirts.  Period.  Both of these cuts will completely accentuate the worst parts of your thick upper arms and back.  If you own (and love) any of these items, pair them with a long sleeved cardi. 
  5. Do not look at yourself in your long mirror any closer than 3 – 4 feet away.  The closer you get the less of reality you see.  Do you only want to look amazing if someone is uncomfortably close to you?  Or do you want to be spotted from across the room as completely stunning?  Back it up.
  6. Do not pose in the mirror to get a good image of yourself, body or face.  This is NOT how you will look casually as you go about your busy day, posing should be saved for pictures.  It is not an accurate depiction of what you are going to look like wandering about the office or strolling the sidewalk with the kiddos.  Be real.
  7. If you FEEL like you look terrible, you just might.  Have your bestie snap a picture of you, front & back, no posing.  That’s what you look like to other people at a glance.  Trust your instincts, you should always feel as great as you look. 
  8. Don’t give up, get depressed, or ignore the issue…just do something about it.  There is always ALWAYS something that can be done with personal style that will help your body image look a little better proportioned.  If you still don’t love it, start a great work out program and change the way you eat.  The older we get, the more difficult it can be to see results, but it is always possible.  I believe in you!

The next time you start your day with those horrible three little words…I Feel Fat…remember that it is likely nothing more than a feeling.  You can make yourself feel beautiful on the inside by empowering yourself to look beautiful on the outside.  This too, shall pass. 



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